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The Light is Within

Just for a day, keep your energy to yourself. Relax and feel the tensions we hold in our throat, around our hearts and in the small of the back. Is the response sincere, or meant to attract attention. Is the action only a habit or meant to to be kind. Does it feel like your …

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Mindfulness Meditation: It is what it is

As the New Year rolls in, thoughts turn toward the chance for a fresh start. The resolutions perpetually include intentions for weight loss, being kinder or better self-care. Perhaps the need for quiet time, especially, during the winter months, starts to nag at the consciousness. The term mindfulness is becoming popular. The word is not …

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Stay at White Clouds Hermitage

White clouds surround Thunder Peak Pagoda A few trees of winter plum girdle the snow with red In a screened study, I sink, sink into meditation as the bell sounds over the monastery’s deep pool by Su Manshu From Lunar Tao by Deng Ming-Dao, Day 335, Copyright 2013 Harper Collins

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Meditation ~ Guided Practice

In my previous article, Mediation It’s for Everybody, I talked about an alternative to the traditional practice of sitting in silence, lotus position. This writing will discuss guided meditation as a way to achieve quiet for the mind and body. For those who have made a resolution to begin a meditation practice in 2014, the …

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Meditation – It’s for Everybody

What image comes to mind with the word mediation? Perhaps it’s a person sitting in a lotus position eyes downcast in silence. What are they really doing? To sit quietly only with one’s thoughts for several minutes can seem unnatural if not awfully daunting. What do you do? Just sit! How strange is that. Achieving …

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