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How to Appreciate Opera ~ Where to Start? ~ Part III

Opera is grand theater. An opera is a story that is set to classical music. The opera plays out in musical form some challenge to the life of one or several characters. We watch as the characters try to work out the complexity that is all human relationships. The setting may be in a mythical …

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Opera! Here We Go! How to Appreciate and Listen to Opera ~ Part II

The Aria Continued This is the second of a series of articles about how to listen to and appreciate opera. For whatever reason, the interest to appreciate opera comes and so what to do? How can the average person gain entry into this fine art. I have been a casual listener of classical and operatic …

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Opera! Oh Please! Or, How to Step into Grand Theater

How to Appreciate and Listen to Opera Perhaps it’s a moment tuning the radio dial and there it comes, an exciting flurry of classical music and voice in a language that is not quite clear. Or, in the memory of a grandparent who played an Enrico Caruso album on Sunday afternoons. An old curiosity lost …

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