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A Day with Pino

Since the age of twelve, I’ve wanted to have a horse of my own. I cannot say why or how the fascination started but the ambition is one step closer to reality. Pino, I am leasing Pino for the winter from my riding instructor. He is an eleven year old Andalusia gelding living quietly in …

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Tales from the Barn Boards ~ The Year of the Garden

Sometime in January, the thought came that this is the year of the garden. On any day, there is no more tranquil place than the backyard. The view out the kitchen is into a deep emerald glade. A trio of maple trees planted on the left side create a natural boundary cooling the space and …

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Tales from the Barn Boards ~ Wednesday’s at the Rescue

The early evening July air is heavy and hot. The fields and paddocks are empty of horses.  Approaching the barn, Greta gave a welcoming nicker. She is the lead mare of the herd and her bright brown eyes said hello. Wednesday’s at the rescue tend to be solitary evenings. The dogs are inside. The horses …

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