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How the Owl Came to Hoot – Abenaki Legends

Gluscabe is a Native American Folk Hero of the Abenaki Nation also known as the People of the Dawn. He is known by several names such as Gluskabe, Glooskap, Gluskabi or Kluscap. He is known to Passamaquoddy, Penobscot and the Micmac tribes who are part of the larger Wabanaki Confederacy. This is currently in the …

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At Winter’s End

The beast of winter eased her need and retreated a day enough to let in a thaw. While airing blankets and filling suet cages, I thought I heard the cackle of red-wing blackbird. Everything I know became you. Hail, the first pilgrim to return to this humble garden. “You were only waiting for this moment …

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