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The Concord Museum ~ Philosophers and Revolutionaries

Without hesitation, it can be said that no other town in Massachusetts can boast of being the remarkable birthplace to both the Revolutionary War and the resting place of Transcendentalism. Both events represent an evolutionary shift in self-actualization both as a nation and a way of life. Several weeks ago, Jared Bowen, reporter for WGBH …

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The Concord Museum ~ Daniel Chester French

One of the must stops in Concord MA for visitors is the Concord Museum. The museum is, of course, dedicated to the events and people who have made this town a fascinating place to explore and is indeed, “the gateway to Concord’s history!” The reason for my visit on a warm, showery Sunday morning, was …

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A Visit to the Old Manse ~ Concord MA

The Day I Became an American The definition of what it means to be an American can be a point of confusion for every person who claims to be a citizen of these United States. As a nation of immigrants, the majority of us can trace our ancestry to a distant shore. The Native Americans …

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