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The Labels are Pretty but Where Do I Start?

Today is the day, something special is happening and finally, it’s time to stop driving by the store and go on in to help yourself to a bottle of wine. The neighborhood shop displays rows of neatly racked bottles sorted by country. There are six-pack individual serving size-bottled wines too. Hmm, what do I want? …

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Italian Meat Loaf

So winter is in full season now with plenty of ice, snow and cold temperatures. Tis the season for cooking! Recipes can be found in all kinds of fun places, including in a little packet on the top of a bottle of sun-dried tomato pesto. Italian Meat Loaf 2 1/ lbs. lean ground beef 1 …

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Destination Sicily ~ Planeta Winery

At this time of year, people may be making plans for travel in the next several months. A best destination for lovers of art, ancient history, food, and wine is Sicily. The island is a little Eden with mile upon mile of neatly cultivated fields. Some farmers build dry mortar stone walls around their property. …

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