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Duddon, the River The Stepping-Stones

The struggling rill insensibly is grown Into a brook of loud and stately march, Crossed ever and anon by plank or arch; And, for like use, lo! what might seem a zone Chosen for ornament,—stone matched with stone In studied symmetry, with interspace For the clear waters to pursue their race Without restraint. How swiftly …

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Go inside a stone That would be my way. Let somebody else become a dove Or gnash with a tiger’s tooth. I am happy to be a stone. From the outside the stone is a riddle: No one knows how to answer it. Yet within, it must be cool and quiet Even though a cow …

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Days of Spring

Spring is a welcome thought today. Every week, old man winter plays the grump and stomps us down with another storm blowin’ in this March. Spring is shedding horsehair all over my coat. Spring is the woodpecker drilling away at the tall oak tree. Spring is the promise of better days ahead. Spring is the …

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Murmur of Trees as They Grow

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A light snow last night, and now the earth falls open to a fresh page. A high wind is breaking up the clouds. Children wait for the yellow bus in a huddle, and under the feeder, some birds are busy writing short stories, poems, and letters to their mothers. A crow is working on an …

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