Dark Moon Time

The lunar phases channel a lot of energy into our lives. Weather forecasters warn about coastal tides during a new or full moon. Sacred holidays for a wide variety of beliefs occur with new or full moons too. Moonshine in fields and forests guides predator and prey on their nightly pathways. The lunar cycles have four distinct phases of first quarter, full, third quarter and new. There is one more cycle that can have a profound effect on earth spirits. The dark of the moon, a three-day period just before the new, is underestimated and the most yin phase. The moon cannot be seen in the night sky. Sensitive souls will already be aware of the insight this phase has to offer. The darkness gifts us with a time for reflection and wonder.

The dark moon phase for October begins 17 – 18 – 19 at 3:12 p.m. EST. The new moon rolls in October 19th.  The full moon of the 5th celebrated the harvest and completeness of Earth in Libra Sun. The last of the crops are being gathered in the northeast. The fruit and nut trees are ripe. Herbs and perennials flowered and formed seed pods ready to burst, be consumed or fall to earth. Trees that struggled from adverse weather conditions will send out seeds too. They may be predicting a harsh winter ahead if a lot of them fall to the ground. Perhaps the elements will take trees to the roots, but the next generation has been set free.

If you’ve never noticed this lunar phase, pay attention now to the subtle changes of energy and pressure. When the moon rolls into this three-day phase, notice how you feel. Are you down, agitated or bored? Sit quietly and listen to your thoughts. Notice what you say. Are the thoughts and words destructive? Are they bitter? If there is a physical sensation of a dark cloud around you, that’s your energy melding with lunar influences. Sometimes the awareness is tiredness and stiffness in the body. Perhaps you feel like lying low or taking a mental health day to disappear from routines and people. The sun provides an abundance of yang energy. Daily life activities are largely in the yang. The moon reminds us of yin energy and the importance of balance in all things. So too, your energy needs to re-balance and know the yin. The dark moon is a time to restore energy. It’s not always a good day. The dark of the moon is the best time to harvest angst.

Honor the drain on your energy and lie low for a while. It’s okay to put aside the busy chores for a few days. It’s okay to stay in and skip stimulating activities. This is a time to be out in nature and feel the goodness all around you. If it’s safe, take a walk in the dark of the moon, perhaps around the backyard at twilight time.  Know that it’s okay to feel the darker emotions we all have. If you have a sacred space, create an altar honoring those dark aspects of the soul. Perhaps put to pencil or canvas writing or drawings of how you feel. If old scars surface around emotional or physical hurts, let them rise up and be heard. Words and actions committed against you can diminish with time but the shadow always remains. It’s okay to feel tears, tensions and turmoil about what happened. It’s okay to look at secrets. Everyone has a skeleton or two in the closet. Now is the time to stop denying the uncomfortable side of our memories. In meditation, or in action, let those energies rise. Face them and don’t try to hide from them.

Be advised to avoid activities that may amplify the dark tones that have surfaced. Stay away from all music at this time, don’t try to mask the negative feelings or tensions with upbeat tunes. Avoid intense television and films as well. Perhaps alter that diet to include foods that are grounding by nature. Include root vegetables well cooked and seasoned for meals. Stay away from candles or burning incense. In other words, don’t enhance the negativity and don’t try to cover it up. Just go neutral and be. Be in the presence of your own shadow time. Look at who you are. Look without looking away at all sides of your nature. The dark moon will reveal those parts of you that are to be acknowledged and accepted.



Watchman of the Day

The owl is the watchman of the day,
prelude of a new dawn,
ally of the sun,
keeps an eye on our fears,
on dreams and visions in the night,
flying around our houses wrapped in darkness

Il gufo é il guardiano del giorno,
preludio di nuova alba,
alleato del sole
vigila sulle nostre paure,
sui fantasmi della notte,
volando attorno alle nostre case
avvolte nelle tenebre.


Excerpt from Io gufo e tu?
@Edizioni del Baldo April 2016


I Walk a Mile

I put your shoes on
The left shoe is worn
A hole in the sole
Tape surrounds the leather exterior
It covers the hole

The right shoe doesn’t match
It seems smaller, less worn
It is binding, tight
It is borrowed

I walk a mile, maybe two
An unbalanced stride
My left foot is cold
My right is blistered
I respect your journey

1430640014_footprints-on-the-sand_800Please let us all move forward being mindful of those who have different struggles

Linda MacCoy