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Rest ye Bones

The first knuckle on the left hand sometimes gets stuck bent now and then. There’s no pain. Just it’s in the wrong place and needs a push back in. The big toe nail on the left foot has a perpetual purple mark from another knock growing out. Sometimes it takes a year. Once in a …

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Mysterious Owls

The owl is the incarnation of a spiritual search, it’s association with darkness reflects the silent, mystery of the world. In Italian Il Gufo Misterioso Il gufo é líncarnazione della ricerca spirituale, la sua associazione con il buio rispecchiava il silenzio del mistero del mondo. Cherokee Belief

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Dark Moon Time

The lunar phases channel a lot of energy into our lives. Weather forecasters warn about coastal tides during a new or full moon. Sacred holidays for a wide variety of beliefs occur with new or full moons too. Moonshine in fields and forests guides predator and prey on their nightly pathways. The lunar cycles have …

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Murmur of Trees as They Grow

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Watchman of the Day

The owl is the watchman of the day, prelude of a new dawn, ally of the sun, keeps an eye on our fears, on dreams and visions in the night, flying around our houses wrapped in darkness Il gufo é il guardiano del giorno, preludio di nuova alba, alleato del sole vigila sulle nostre paure, …

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