IL Volo Wallingford CT Concert Review in Italian

For the first time, I am excited to present for readers the concert review in Italian. In collaboration with the blogger: IL Volo Italian Fan Club here is the link to their page. How beautiful to see my words in Italian. So happy to support IL Volo in America and Italy.

Sprezzatura: IL Volo at the Oakdale Theater Wallingford CT




Sprezzatura: IL Volo at the Oakdale Theater Wallingford CT

February 12, 2016

AllingfordUnder a frosty starry sky, IL Volo took the stage in a two-hour musical tour de force in front of a full house at the Toyota Oakdale Theater in Wallingford CT. The Italian trio of Piero Barone (23), Ignazio Boschetto (22), and Gianluca Ginoble (21) wowed the crowd with a selection of Neapolitan classics, Broadway favorites, operatic arias, and hits from the 60s. Their singing style has been labeled pop, operatic-pop, and classical-pop. Pop? What other pop group travels with a 30 piece orchestra, a rhythm section and a dazzling light show pulsed to the beat. IL Volo last played here in September 2013. The group has been wicked busy with a win at Sanremo Music Festival 2015 and a third place finish at Eurovision last May. Their signature hit, Grande Amore, has topped 55.5 million Vevo You Tube views. Record sales of the CD Sanremo Grande Amore are at triple Platinum.

The group has been performing, recording, and touring together since 2009. IL Volo in English means the flight and this year, they will live up to the name. An ambitious 2016 tour began with 12 concert dates in Italy, in North America now for 34, Latin America for 20, and 12 in Europe. They bring to the stage all that is celebrated in Italian art, passionate bel canto (beautiful song), fare bella figura (style and poise) and sprezzatura. The appearance of effortless artistry, keeping it cool while working your tail off.

The trio consistently raise positive energy in their songs that often end on an up note. They are fun, warm, and gorgeous. Each singer is talented enough to carry an entire show solo, however, it is the ensemble harmonics that take them from good to extraordinary. They bring such skill to their singing, matching note for note and tone for tone creating a vibrato rich, subtle and tremulous. The sensation is similar to a tuning fork, when the quiver enters the body, it resonates to the core. They do stir the soul and conjure the spirit to lift, remembering what it may have been like to be young, carefree and in love. Music can do so much. Questa notte siamo stati stregati e ci ‘e piaciuto moltissimo. Tonight, we have been bewitched. We like it a lot.

A Wang Theatre Boston concert review for February 10th is available on this blog. Where previously Barone appeared PB IIsubdued in spirit, tonight he was more playful. A fan since 2012, the first time I saw him he reminded me of Topo Gigio. He talked with his hands and signed a big hearty thanks for coming to the show. In 2013, he perfected a stage strut with stars sparking from his heels. He likes opera and the character Cherubino from Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro came to mind. “Narcisetto, Adoncini d’amor” (Little Narcissus, Adonis of Love). The sexy, sassy Barone. In 2014, he became picante, a saucy Sicilian who inspired me to visit the island and the ancient baroque city of Naro. Perhaps it’s time I let him grow up some more. No longer Pierito, almost Signor Barone. A lyric from the duet sung by Barone and Boschetto, ‘O paese d’ O’Sole, makes sense now, “This is the land of the sun, this is the land of the sea, this is the land where all words sweet or bitter, are always words of love…All, all is destiny. How could I have made my fortune in a strange place?” Home is Italy, they are here for a while.

Fan Follies

Beyond the stage show, there’s the people show that can be equally entertaining. The late comers who always seem to have middle row seats, wearing big furs and taking an age to get in their chair. The yakkers a few rows away that keep going during songs. The devotees who cannot sit still and give a standing ovation even for a wink.

The artists and theaters work together to present the best possible show to a live audience. They jointly decide on what they want from the ticket holders. The Wang announced at the start of the show it prohibits videotaping during the performance. Ushers were vigilant in stopping patrons using cell phones to capture the moment. Any fans posting live video from the theater had to work hard to publish on social media. But, there they are, little bits from rule breakers. The quality is rough and rushed. The Periscope app erases postings within 24 hours, however, there is ongoing controversy in the entertainment industry on video piracy of paid events. Is it fair, is it legal to live video stream during the show?

The Oakdale Theater box office manager said they request no professional photography or videotaping of live events. This venue did not prohibit casual recording. The 5,000 seat theater had a noticeable lack of ushers which brought out the cameras in the crowd. One fan got out of the chair and approached the side of the stage during the song, Delilah. We all watched as she recorded most of the presentation. It distracted the performers and seemed a bit audacious. Other fans in the front row routinely approached the stage to make contact with the guys. IL Volo were gracious and responded with care, but it became obsessive prompting a man behind me to make a comment not for prime time.

IL Volo have published several DVD’s of live performances recorded expressly for PBS distribution. Barnes & Noble Bookstores as well as are principal sellers of copyrighted material. Vevo You Tube is a jointly owned music video organization providing quality, copyrighted material at no fee to viewers. IL Volo are signed with Sony Music Entertainment, one of the joint owners. Every time a video is viewed on Vevo You Tube, the artists are paid. Anything posted to Facebook, the artists are not paid.

Heart PBBuone Cose ~ Good Things

Lo spettacolo é stato brillante! The show was brilliant. Outstanding memories are the fantastic fans met in Boston who drove 10 hours from Halifax, Nova Scotia just to hear IL Volo live. The fans in pain struggling down the stairs one ginger step at a time to hear the beautiful voices. So many came out on this cold cold night to be enchanted by sweet songs. The night sky let go a few stars to come to earth this evening. It wasn’t long ago, IL Volo told us,

Moonlight draws your colors in the dawn
While the sound of silence in the wind feels
Like an empty song

As the rain begins to fall down
Like a million tears
And the heaven shining
Through the clouds, girl
I can feel you here

Don’t you ever lose me
I could never lose you
Can’t you feel?
We are love
Like the Earth and ocean
We’re the same devotion you and me
We are love

Je t’aime, mi amor, io ti amo, we are love
Adoro te, tutto al mondo, we are love

We Are Love by Edgar Cortazar and Mark Portmann 2012 Interscope/Rentor/Universal Music

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IL Volo at The Wang in Boston

wangIL Volo, the Italian pop-opera trio, performed Wednesday evening, February 10 at the Wang Theatre in Boston. Piero Barone (23), Ignazio Boschetto (22), and Gianluca Ginoble (21) sang in front of a 30 piece orchestra including rhythm section. A pulsing light show syncopated with the music creating a dazzling sensory experience. The show opened with a Grande Amore overture, the song that won them the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival 2015. The almost primitive drum tattoo raised emotions and set the tone for two hours of great music.

The baroque theater on Tremont Street with its sumptuous red carpeting and tiered balconies is an outstanding setting for the young men decked out in sleek Italian leather jackets. The trio sang ensemble, duet, and solo performing well-known Neapolitan classics, Broadway favorites, operatic arias, and hits from the ’60s. Their last appearance in Boston was 2013. Success at home has kept them in Italy on an extensive tour in 2015. This was the fourth stop on the North American tour.

The first number was the Italian favorite, Volare. The performance was curiously flat-footed and despite the upbeat percussion, the energy was still coming up for the guys. Barone was noticeably still in his poise. He has his mother’s lively, flashing intelligent eyes. I met her while on vacation in Naro. He has the same willowy shape and quick, bright way of moving. The eyes turn down at the corner giving a contemplative expression. The trademark red glasses further obscure a connection. Having attended a concert each year since 2012, it was not the behavior remembered. It was studied, almost mindful movement. Barone has a progressively more complex operatic tenor voice now. When he finished his first aria, Puccini’s E lucevan le stelle, he opened his arms and soaked in the appreciation from the audience. We were wowed by his ringing, clear passionate voice. Is this the mature man, returned from Italy moving away from his once playful stage demeanor? The study of opera is a serious business and he seems bound one day for another stage. Several times during the performance, Ginoble draped an arm around his shoulders, laid a gentle hand and gave physical support. Could be jet lag setting in. His musical contribution was flawless. He shifts effortlessly from majestic to sotto voice. The technical foundation gives him form. Now, he needs to swell his song with emotion and tell the story through inflection, gesture, and tone. He is to be Serafino.

All our respectBoschetto provided comic relief with his spot on imitation of Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone. The guys lampooned as Boschetto snorted, puffed, and spoke in that muffled, strangled voice. He even mimicked a pot belly as he shambled off stage. He is Scaramouche, a little skirmisher, one minute the trickster, and the next the wacky Maestro conducting the orchestra. His playful demeanor drops in song. He is a rare lyric tenor whose voice can soar around the theater. The first solo was, Tonight, Tonight, from West Side Story. He stopped the show with his second solo, Memory.

Ginoble was bright-eyed all night. At 8:05 p.m. Atlantic time, it was already February 11 in Italy and his 21st birthday. The audience joined in the festivity to wish buon compleanno. Cheerfully, he said, “Now I am legal.” Astonishing to consider he began performing at 16. Ginoble has a gorgeous baritone. He can sing dreamy crooners, Anema e Core (Heart and Soul) and a Spanish classic, En Aranjeuz con tu amor. He is Soave. Musically it means sweet and gentle. He is a skillful artist at home on the stage. A highlight of the night was a duet with Barone. The classic, My Way, in pitch perfect. The tenor and baritone harmonize with subtle vibrational tones tickling down to the toes. How soothing, how rich and rare. Cares fall away, nothing matters, it’s time to listen to music and be apart of it. Two beautiful people in sync.

Naro IVThe trio included their once trademark concert closer, O Solo Mio, with Barone taking a walk out into the audience. He stopped about two rows away and asked the patron if he could step up on the chair. He joined us and gave us a serenade. The Wang Theatre seats 3,500 and is known for superb acoustics. There was a roar from the balcony crowd that bounced around the walls creating a wave of cheer that wrapped us all in bliss. The final number was their own Grande Amore sung with great energy. What a night! Great fun, great theater, and a great show.

IL Volo are on tour in North America. There are plans for a European tour as well. Check out their website and make plans to attend a show. IL Volo


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IL Volo Live from Pompeii

IV_DVD_FINAL84_t700IL Volo have released a new DVD: “IL Volo Live from Pompeii”. The concert was recorded for PBS television on June 10th near the Roman Amphitheater at Pompeii prior to the start of a successful 24 city Italian tour. Detroit Public Television premiered the concert July 6, with the performers in studio during the fund-raiser. PBS affiliates aired the concert during the traditional August fund drive offering concert tickets, DVD’s and CD’s to donors as thank you gifts. The DVD is now available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble to the general public. It’s live and it’s IL Volo.

The DVD play list includes a classic IL Volo repertoire with three hits from the sixties, “Delilah”, “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” and “Unchained Melody”. Several compositions won or performed first at the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival including their signature hit from February, “Grande Amore”. There are songs from cinema “Eternally” and “Beautiful That Way”. Three songs are recorded in Spanish including “Grande Amore”, “Si Me Falta Tu Mirada” and “Recuerdame”. The aria “E lucevan le stelle”, from Tosca and a Neapolitan serenade, “Anema e Core”.  A complete list is located at the end of this article.

The CD “Grande Amore” International Version and EP “Sanremo” have a majority of these songs on their play list. Readers can find a review of both on this blog by clicking on these links.


The DVD opens with a flyover of the great Roman amphitheater. The corona of the setting sun washes over the back wall now holding up the canopy of a starlit night. The musicians tweak their instruments into tune. The Filharmonica Veneta, led by Maestro Celso Valli, fills the night with beautiful music. The audience leans in and the show begins.

The concert rolls on for a non-stop hour and twenty minutes. IL Volo’s voices blend rich, vibrant tenors and a smooth warm baritone. Despite their young faces, these guys are pro’s at blending their strengths and bringing out the best in every song. There’s a softness in tone now. Their range has broadened to include the subtle as well as the power. Their harmonies are complex, each singer finds his key, the note ensemble, and takes the lyric to its fullest potential. The singing style is either a throwback or trend setter for bel canto, songs beautifully sung. Not many pop singers have the gravitas for a 33 piece orchestra with a rhythm section. The guys are entertaining, sophisticated and playful in their fitted Armani suits.

IL Volo are at their finest with “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla. An Italian lament to the late Enrico Caruso born in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. A bittersweet story of love and loss. A man whose heart has given up but still he goes on living for a little longer.

mezzanine_939The ride rolls into a fabulous arrangement of the Neapolitan gem “Volare” by Domenico Modugno. Drummer Paolo Valli gives the guys a rumba beat to play with and gets the audience up dancing  too. The highest C is hit with a little extra oomph. It’s a romp, it’s a bomp, It’s fantastic!

“Si Mi Falta Tu Mirada” by Marco Marinangeli and Claudia Brant. A Spanish tale of being lost in love and a tangle of emotions. IL Volo form a sweet bound with the audience and get them up swaying in the night. It looks like diamonds flashing in the dark. The shimmering wave is from smartphones but could be specters of old awoken by the energy.


The concert has a misstep or two, not in musical quality but in too much editing. The show opens with a brief announcement by a voice telling us IL Volo coming to America for the first time from their Italian home. So who are these guys? Two songs in and we still don’t know. The performers pause to acknowledge the viewing audience but don’t introduce each other. They don’t even take a pause to say goodbye at the end of the show. The credits role and we still don’t know. It was quite an effort to find the names of the performers in the liner notes. They appear in small print under their solo tracks. This is the 4th collaboration with PBS TV in three years. But, could be the first for viewers. The previous specials had the singers frequently naming each other and chatting to the audience to help make that important personal connection.

If this is the first time watching, Piero Barone 22 wears the red glasses partially concealing fine dark expressive eyes. Piero speaks through his eyes and brings a more palpable quality of emotions into his repertoire. He sings a classic aria from the famous opera Tosca by Puccini. He does a terrific job extending or shortening those round Italian vowels in classic operatic technique. It’s a gutsy step forward in his career and an outstanding moment in the show.

Ignazio Boschetto 21 is the most flamboyant on stage. Although the shows are scripted, he has a spontaneous streak and often breaks into dance doing the Boschetto boogie. He is the rare tenor whose voice can soar above a full orchestra. He has perfect pitch and can ride up to a high C in his range.

Gianluca Ginoble 20 has a silky light baritone that finds new depth with each song. His nickname is GG for generally gorgeous. He is the philosopher of the trio and most prolific on social media. In this stage performance, he is now going out comfortably into the crowd and greeting the audience with ease. All three have grown as performers and people, always classy with their own special pizzazz on stage.

Il Volo "Live 2015"Anfiteatro di Pompei - Ercolano
Il Volo “Live 2015″Anfiteatro di Pompei – Ercolano

The stage lighting allows for some glimpses of the ruin. Piero sings his aria up on a tiered step. The camera pans out to the audience showing the crumbling back wall but that’s it. Pompeii is one of the finest Roman ruins in Italy at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s an entire Roman city well-preserved and a must stop on the once popular Grand Tour of Europe for 200 years. It’s still a must stop when in Naples for any traveler. The previous IL Volo DVD’s made with PBS offered a documentary on the making of the program. As enjoyable as the music is, it’s the chance to see these guys off-stage that can be the most memorable moments. All at once, we see they are three young Italian guys kicking around a soccer ball, flirting with girls, or chatting up the crew. They’re a lot of fun! So puzzled by the lack of video of the site itself, I contacted Detroit PBS Business Development Officer, Jamie Westrick and asked was there a separate film of the making of the concert in the works? Ms. Westrick has been part of the executive production team for all four releases. She said, “unfortunately, I’m unable to share many details”,  but she didn’t say no.

Honestly, some of the best moments of these PBS concerts are during the pledge breaks when the guys are in studio romping around talking to donors, chatting up the hosts and commenting on their lives as performers. They are sweet, sexy and deliciously Italian. Footage of these events are priceless and part of the experience. The understanding comes that they are young men coming into the prime of their lives. Their talent is unique and they make the most of their musical gifts. These exchanges help the viewer come alive again with the joy of music as IL Volo are able to express in body and spirit. It’s contagious in the most delightful well, the chance to fall in love with music again at any age.

All three of the guys have been named Ambassadors of their respective hometowns. Never have any of them failed to express their love of family, home, and their city of birth. In fact, it was the first DVD that inspired a personal journey to Sicily this year. The curiosity to see, taste, and experience this enchanted island was fostered by Piero and his consistent views from home. He loves Naro and showed it for what it is, a gorgeous Baroque treasure of tiny squares, churches and steep narrow streets winding around up to the castle. When in Marsala, of course I stopped at the Boschetto Family pizzeria. How delightful it was to meet Ignazio’s sister Nina and realize that despite the fame of the brother, the family is well grounded and takes pride in owning their own business. Gianluca loves Montepagano and a visit to Abruzzo is high on the list of next stops in Italy. Of course I want to go.

unnamedThe first DVD, “IL Volo Takes Flight,” was a winner because of the banter and mixing it up with the audience during the program. “IL Volo Live from Pompeii” has managed to edit out all that fun. There are a few glimpses here and there of the guys cheering on and interacting with the audience. But the trim was cut too close. Detroit PBS, pick up those bits off the cutting room floor and splice them back into the video. Give us the play, and charm that make this such a great trio.

Overall, it’s a chance to see IL Volo in concert from the comfort of home. If a show is out of reach, than the DVD is an option. The charisma and fun that is IL Volo is best appreciated in person. There is an extensive concert tour in Italy, USA and Europe for 2016. Tickets are on sale now and moving fast. Check out their website, IL Volo Music,  for dates in 2016. Try and go, you’ll have the time of your life!
Play List from the Detroit PBS DVD
1. Grande amore
2. Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te)
3. Beautiful That Way (La Vita È Bella)
4. E Lucevan le Stelle
5. Delilah
6. Caruso
7. Quando L’Amore Diventa Poesia
8. The Best Day of My Life
9. Anema e Core
10. Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)
11. L’immensità
12. Unchained Melody
13. Ricordami
14. Piove
15. Eternally
16. La Vita
17. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
18. Si Me Falta Tu Mirada
19. Recuerdame
20. Grande Amore (Spanish Version)

Photo Credits to IL Volo

@2015 Sony Music Entertainment US Latin

Written by Frances Ann Wychorski

ILVOLOMIAMI: Sea El Amor, Demos Amor, Somos Amor (Más Que Amor)

Cuando acaba el espectáculo, cuando el aplauso se desvanece, después de que las cámaras se apaguen y mucho después de que la gira siga su curso, las fans de Il Volo a menudo hablan de una sensación de flotabilidad que perdura. Algunas fans están tan cautivadas por la experiencia que buscan una manera de mantenerse conectadas. Algunas fans sienten la imperiosa necesidad de compartir su experiencia en su página personal de Facebook o en un blog. Sólo unas pocas son capaces de cumplir con el reto de organizar un club de fans a través de las redes sociales. Uno de los medios de comunicación más importantes y fáciles de usar es Twitter. Cualquier persona puede tener una o más cuentas. Como herramienta innovadora de comunicación, es una forma inteligente, útil e inmediata con la que muchas personas previamente desconocidas pueden formar un grupo alrededor de una idea común. “ILVOLOMIAMI” es una de esas destacables redes de seguidores en Twitter. Hace unos meses, me hice seguidora de su cuenta en Twitter. Después de no mucho tiempo, se hicieron seguidores míos. Hemos tenido varias conversaciones online divertidas acerca de Il Volo o de cualquier cosa que se nos pasaba por la cabeza. A lo largo de varias semanas, empecé a preguntarme quién estaba detrás de la cortina. ¿Quiénes son estas fans que llevan más fans a Il Volo e Il Volo a los fans? Entré en contacto con las administradoras y les pregunté si podíamos tener una conversación con el objetivo de escribir este artículo “todo sobre ILVOLOMIAMI”.

~ Diana & Gaby ~

Las principales gestoras son Diana y Gaby, dos administradoras, y un grupo de colaboradores. También gestionan una cuenta en Instagram y una página en Facebook. Diana empezó con el fanclub hace dos años y cada año organiza en Miami una tertulia para los miembros locales. Según Diana, “Gaby se hizo miembro en septiembre, después de haberse quedado encandilada con ellos (Il Volo) en el Meet and Greet en Tampa en 2013. Más tarde se convirtió en vicepresidenta, en febrero de 2014”. Gaby reside en Atlanta, Georgia. Gaby: “me convertí en una Ilvolover oficial tan pronto como les oí cantar la primera canción en vivo en el concierto de Tampa en septiembre. Yo desde siempre les había admirado por su talento y especialmente por ser tan reales, humildes y dulces con sus fans y por las cosas que leía sobre ellos y sobre sus familias también. Gracias a mi hermana menor Rebecca, que me introdujo en este mundo de Il Volo, hoy estoy aquí, y estoy muy agradecida por ello”.

Ésta es una organización basada en trabajo voluntario desde casa, que mantiene contacto online permanente siguiendo y conversando con 12.4 K fans de los 13.9 K que les siguen actualmente. Ya han enviado 76.3 K tuits. Cuando un nuevo fan les sigue en Twitter, se convierte automáticamente en miembro. Como bien dice Diana, “Se nos conoce como “ILVOLOMIAMI ” y ” ILVOLOMIAMI OWFC”. Las siglas OWFC significan Official World Fan Club (Fan Club Mundial Oficial), porque todo el mundo que nos sigue en Twitter o en cualquier medio de comunicación se considera un MiamiIlVolover”. El grupo de miembros de este club de fans es muy amplio y de alcance internacional. “ILVOLOMIAMI es un club de fans muy respetado, que los tres miembros de IL VOLO siguen”. Diana se enorgullece de saber que ‘’Gianluca Ginoble siguió a ILVOLOMIAMI como #227, lo que equivale al número 11 desde el 6 de febrero de 2012. Éste pasó a ser el número favorito de Gianluca ya que él nació el 11 de febrero. Pronto Piero Barone se unió en junio de 2012 e Ignazio Boschetto se unió en julio de ese mismo año, convirtiendo ILVOLOMIAMI en el primer club de fans seguido por los 3 miembros de IL VOLO”.

IV Miami IILe pedí a Diana y a Gaby que escribieran una biografía para los lectores:

Diana: Nacida en Jersey City, Nueva Jersey. Nacionalidad Colombo-Americana.

Graduada por la Atlantic University de Florida, licenciada en Administración de Empresas y Marketing. Actualmente cursa la carrera de enfermería. “Soy una católica orgullosa a la que le encanta compartir su fe con todos”. Está casada con JC Velasquez desde hace 15 años, y tiene 2 hijas, Juliana y Daniella, a las que le gusta llamar “Mini IlVolovers”. Se convirtió en una fan apasionada de Il VOLO en julio de 2012 después de ver el PBS Detroit Il Volo Takes Flight. Fundadora y Presidenta de ILVOLOMIAMI siempre está lista para preparar rápidamente una promoción de 30 segundos de IL VOLO.

“Mi lema en la vida es:

“Confía en el Señor con todo tu corazón, y no te apoyes en tu propio entendimiento. Reconócele en todos tus caminos, y Él enderezará tus sendas. (Proverbios 3:5-6)”


“Nací en Brooklyn, Nueva York, de padres ecuatorianos y me enorgullezco de llamarme ecuatoriana (aunque yo no he nacido allí) y americana. Mis padres decidieron llevarnos de vuelta a Ecuador y básicamente terminé todos mis estudios allí y me gradué en Ecuador como Psicóloga Clínica. El trabajo más gratificante que tuve fue trabajar con niños con Síndrome de Down y con refugiados en Ecuador. Me mudé de nuevo a los Estados Unidos hace tres años y vivo en Atlanta, y actualmente trabajo con el Estado de Georgia.GABY

Soy una apasionada de los temas sociales, en especial del fortalecimiento de las mujeres y las niñas, los refugiados, la inmigración y los derechos humanos entre otros.

Yo también, por supuesto, tengo mi lado más trivial: me encanta bailar, sobre todo flamenco, me encanta la música, cantar, leer libros y ver una buena película. No estoy casada, tampoco tengo hijos, pero quiero a mis 2 sobrinas y sobrino como si fueran míos. Dios, la familia y mis amigos son las cosas más importantes en mi vida. Creo firmemente que ninguna cantidad de dinero o el amor de otra persona puede hacerte sentir completo si no eres feliz contigo mismo y no te amas a ti mismo primero”.

La primera impresión de Diana y Gaby es que son enérgicas, inteligentes, apasionadas, educadas, sanas y espirituales. El mensaje de su club es que los fans sean recibidos y bienvenidos como miembros de la gran familia de Il Volo. Los seres humanos son muy sociables por naturaleza y tienen una necesidad de reunirse y compartir experiencias. Los fans se conocen y celebran poder formar parte de un propósito mayor. La filosofía de “ILVOLOMIAMI” es: “sea el amor, demos amor, somos amor”. Están generando hábilmente una cultura de identidad basada en el principal mensaje social de Il Volo: Somos Amor.

Diana y su equipo están aquí para ayudar a Il Volo y a los fans. Los fans entran en el fanclub para sentirse aceptados y tener una voz. Para ser reconocidos y apreciados. Diana: “Una característica de ILVOLOMIAMI que es muy importante para nosotras es el respeto que recibimos de los demás clubs de fans. Hemos construido fuertes vínculos con otros clubs de fans de Il Volo y estamos trabajando continuamente para promover el mensaje de “Somos Amor”, para que todos se sientan bienvenidos y que sean parte de algo más grande que ellos mismos”.

El ingrediente fundamental de su éxito como comunicadoras y gestoras es que su trabajo está basado en la fe. Su motivación para servir a la comunidad deriva en gran parte de la fuerza de la creencia en Dios / Amor. Asocio Dios a la palabra Amor porque yo no puedo distinguir una diferencia de significado. No se trata de Dios en abstracto, sino de una sensación de que Dios / El Amor está presente y es la fuente. El mayor propósito es fortalecer a todos con Amor.

~ IL Volo ~

En relación a la cantidad de atención y de tiempo dedicado a Il Volo y a los fans, le pregunté a Diana y a Gaby si tenían una idea de lo que los fans quieren saber sobre Il Volo. ¿Hubo algo en todos los tuits y momentos que se está pasando por alto? ¿Algo que el público en general podría tener en cuenta? La respuesta fue que sus vidas privadas deben ser respetadas. Abstenerse de cotilleos o de juicios. Siempre va a haber errores, pero por encima de todo, hay que respetar sus vidas privadas.

La sensación que les produce Gianluca Ginoble, es la de un alma de persona mayor, de un hombre amable que sabe escuchar por naturaleza. “Lo que me encanta de Gianluca es que es un perfeccionista y antes de hacerle una foto te dirá cual es “su lado bueno”. Gaby declaró que “él lo observa y absorbe todo antes de decir cualquier cosa y habla directamente desde el corazón. ”

De Piero Barone, Gaby dice “transmite una sensación de accesibilidad, siento que podemos convertirnos en amigos al instante y que te dará su amistad de buena gana”. Él siempre te dará la bienvenida con un “Ciao bella”.

Sobre Ignazio Boschetto, es un corazón tierno que cuyo don es la timidez, “sin embargo, es una persona amorosa y trata a todos como una flor delicada dándote suaves abrazos como si tuviera miedo de romperte”. Gaby siguió: “Aunque es tímido, Ignazio es un amor, no es de extrañar que muchas fans le llaman el oso de peluche entre los tres”.

Como dice Diana, “Los tres tienen un magnetismo que te atrae hacia ellos y cuando te miran por un instante, tú eres todo lo que ven, quedas cautivado y una sensación surrealista te abruma y te hace pensar si este momento realmente está sucediendo”.

~ Familia y Fe ~

La clave del éxito de Il Volo se debe en gran medida a su cultura. La cultura italiana en general basa el fundamento de la vida en la familia y la fe. Sus padres y grandes familias son una fuente de apoyo, consuelo y aceptación. Pueden regresar a casa en busca de consuelo y seguridad. No sólo semanalmente, sino a diario, se envían a menudo fotos de la familia reunida alrededor de la mesa. Italia es 90% católica. Piero demuestra su fe llevando la cruz en su cuello. Sin una palabra, te envía el mensaje de que está pidiendo protección y canta a través de su fe. Él ha dicho varias veces que el don del canto y de Il Volo es un regalo de Dios.

La familiaridad y la facilidad con la que Il Volo comparte su vida, su familia y sus amigos con el público internacional son notables. He llegado a comprender que Il Volo nos ve como una parte de su gran familia. Si les aceptamos, nos aceptan y comparten la conexión. Los fans se sienten integrados, bienvenidos y apreciados. Todo es parte de un conocimiento inconsciente de la guía de un poder superior. Diana y Gaby son parte de esa gran familia y transmiten esta filosofía. En núcleo de todo, es un corazón lleno de amor. Eso es una bendición que debe ser compartida.

Florida y Miami se han convertido en dos lugares especiales para Il Volo con dos programas especiales de PBS filmados en el Teatro Jackie Gleason en Miami Beach y numerosos conciertos de entradas agotadas. Viajaron a Disney World en Orlando Florida para participar en el especial de Navidad emitido el día de Navidad de 2013. Miami es una ciudad de gran riqueza cultural y la puerta de entrada a América. Es el crisol del Sur y un influyente cruce de culturas. Según Diana, “Il Volo grabará el 22 de abril para el show “Sábado Gigante”, un espectáculo de entretenimiento en español en Miami. “Il Volo ha sido nominado en las categorías de Mejor Álbum Latino Artista del Año, Dúo o Grupo y Mejor Álbum Pop Artista del Año, Dúo o Grupo. Las Ceremonias de Latin Billboard Award del 21 a 24 de abril.

~ Conclusión ~

IVMiamiTerminé la conversación deslumbrada por la calidez, la energía y la sinceridad de Diana y Gaby. Estaban ansiosas por contar su historia y compartir sus pensamientos. La creencia en Dios y en un propósito superior en sus actividades estuvo presente. En sus voces había una sensación de felicidad como si de una forma de vida se tratase. La clave de su éxito es un estilo de comunicación colaborativa que refleja directamente un objetivo de unidad. Transmiten exitosamente su fundamento interno de fuertes valores espirituales y una fe inquebrantable en un poder superior a ellas e Il Volo. “ILVOLOMIAMI” e Il Volo tienen en común la capacidad de ver lo que es único en cada persona y celebrarlo incondicionalmente. Sus motivaciones mutuas son alimentadas por una paciente alegría acogedora. Poco a poco y con mucho cuidado están transformando vidas. Sea el amor, demos amor, somos amor.


Escrito por Frances Wychorski

Traducción por Athina Angelopoulos