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Star Wars Fan Community

The Last Jedi, the next chapter in the Skywalker drama, is in production with a release date December 2017. The excitement is gaining ground as fans look forward to the continuation of the cinematic Star Wars mythology.

  • Will Luke take the light saber?
  • How will Kylo Ren emerge from the thrashing by Rey?
  • Will Finn open his eyes again?

Serious fans gather in the web community: Jedi Council Forums. It’s a place for sophisticated discussion on all aspects of the Star Wars universe. The forum is busy¬† speculating of what comes next. Join in on the journey to read or comment on your favorite sci-fi adventure.

Click on Star Wars Saga in Depth and explore the threads, fans are talking about:

  • Rank the Star Wars films, TPM to Rogue One
  • Ewoks vs Gungans…who would win? (NOT a bashing thread!)
  • “There is much anger in him”

The Jedi Council Forums are brought to fans by The Force.Net. The site leaders are dedicated fans who thrive in the connected Star Wars community. The site covers everything Star Wars including movies, television, literature, games and fandom.

A fun fan driven web community of Star Wars fanatics.

May the Force be With You!


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