Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

The Light is Within

candelaJust for a day, keep your energy to yourself. Relax and feel the tensions we hold in our throat, around our hearts and in the small of the back. Is the response sincere, or meant to attract attention. Is the action only a habit or meant to to be kind. Does it feel like your always pushing a rock up against a wall of resentment from someone? Is that what causes the back to ache, giving support without being supported? Give up the need for validation and acceptance from others. Give in to the light within. Give up being seen as a whole being full of desires and contradictions, of wants and frustrations. Put the candle light within the self and let it fill the void. Depend on no one for one day, lean on the flame settled internally. Don’t give your light away. Keep the energy close. For once, let it all drop and figure out who you are in your own reflection and not the reflection of anyone else. Once in awhile, that what is most desired comes along. Cherish it only to yourself and share it with no one else. Be quiet that the winds of change have come and the most precious wish is there for you tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if no one understands. For once, know that the light is within.


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