Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

A Feline Wanders In

The next full moon will be of Trees in Deep Sleep. We are near the wheel of winter and the air grows colder by the hour. As I begin this edition in the daily life of my house cat Gigi, all is warm and well-tended. She is here sitting on the edge of the table. The mystic in me wants to reveal with confidence this cat is my familiar. However, I simply think she is curious and trying out a new perch. This is the story of her days in my home. Things that seemed not of interest just yesterday are now part of daily life when a feline wanders in.

gigi-iiiGigi and I share a common trait, an internal wake up from the body around four o’clock in the morning. This is the twilight time of day when owls hoot softly nearby. The season of the year does not affect this natural happening. I stir early. Gigi knows it is the time to rise and breakfast. Kitty steps walk, romp and sometimes pounce me into full awakening. She does not like to have her tail touched at all. However, it is that fluffed up tail I find moving over my face in the morning.  Do you think it is chance that it swishes back and forth across my nose? Wake up dear, the day rolls on.

The Earth is turning on her daily round; the old bones in me are aware of this and still follow primitive instincts. I cling to an idea that my human ancestors used to wander at this hour to scavenge and forage. We were once prey and moved in the shadows for fear of hunters. Given a moment to reflect, my instincts recall how to survive and the echo is heard in the early inner alarm. Now is the time to move, before the dawn with the shadows quickly fading to one day and another.

Humans seem such defenseless creatures. We are the strangest looking animals. Wild animals fear us and run away. Modern ambitious societies make every effort to dominate the landscape. We only bow to the harshest of elements. Humans manipulate Nature to thrive. Our size and shape is not too swift for any sort of escape from hungry prey.

I am uncertain why house cats are referred to as domesticated. Most can still defend themselves with superb speed and intent. My cat can do a lot of damage with her claws without too much provocation. We are strange-looking beings. Our bodies put us far above the ground. This is a vulnerable shape indeed. Without my well-tended home, I am frighteningly ill-equipped to survive in the wilds. If life as I know it changed, I would be one sorry beast in the woods.

A part of me wants to be an animal. I want my senses to be sharp, alert and supportive. I want feet that can move over the ground without shoes. The ability to read the signs of Nature and honor Her. I want to be graceful, clever and awake. In many ways, I am certain Gigi is my superior. Gigi includes me in her twilight ambling. I can hear her scratching in the litter pan. The bedroom door is pushed open, a running step or two and leap on the bed. She has little chirps, delicate pips to call me awake. She sniffs around and wanders. I like to sleep on my side. Testy cautious kitty steps up and on my shoulder or hip. Sit, lie down, purr and get comfy on this bump. Purr, purr, purr, the little fuzzy friend is here.

Gigi has everything to teach me about the value of dream time. She sleeps about 16 hours a day. I wonder if cats retreat into a dream world. Perhaps the sleeping state is far more exciting than the waking. After all, the fortunate kitties have domesticated us to fulfill their needs for a warm dry comfy corner to curl into. There must be something that makes it more attractive to be asleep than awake. For humans, it is almost the opposite, we want to extend our day into night. This is a fundamental rejection of things as they are. Humans will move against the sun, moon, earth and all the elements. What is lost is the wonder of it all.

To be continued….


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