Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

Full Harvest Moon in October

The lunar year rolls into the 2nd full harvest moon of autumn. This is the moon of the falling leaves. Alternatively, moon when ducks fly. It is certainly a high point in the cardinal sign of Libra. In Massachusetts, we have had a first frost. The orchards are full of apple and pear. The cornstalks are ready to come down. Pumpkins and gourds decorate the front porch.

maxresdefaultRemember that despite all our trappings of humanity, we were once prey and more connected to our earth. At this time of year, a sense of restlessness is something our ancestors would have felt keenly. We watch the birds flock and fly to winter grounds. Deer herd together for protection. There is safety in numbers. Animals have their own travel paths often unnoticed by our eyes. I recall coming upon a line of critters one morning passing through a neighborhood on the way to somewhere else. The raccoon, possum and deer walked softly along purposefully headed to their next destination.  They walked together in a single file. How rare was this moment! We build houses and streets cutting across ancient travel lanes. We were once closer to the earth and sky. The critters remind us that it is time to move to winter grounds. Listen to the mice scratching behind the wall in the night, they know where to build a safe nest for the long cold ahead.

Watching the phases of the moons is a way to connect to the stars. There is some lovely folklore based on when a person was born in the moon cycle. Click on this link to Astrocal  for self-discovery on your phase and what that means for you. Have fun and remember we are stardust


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