Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

September Harvest Moon

harvest-moon-bestAll hail the splendid full harvest moon in Pisces. We reach the high point of the growing season when all the gifts of Mother Earth are ready for harvest. Our crops, flowers, herbs, trees and grasses want to go to seed. The Goddess Pomona feeds the animals, birds, insects and humans with her magical powers of growth. Massachusetts is in a drought and we see the leaves starting to change color already. The earth is dry, streams are long vanished, brooks trickle out and ponds are low. We need the refreshing cool rains to come soon. The fauna needs a deep drink before going into dormancy. Do a rain dance! Pray to the Goddess of Rain to bring gentle relief.

The owl’s hoot at the rivers in the twilight. The geese honk on their journey in the night sky. Birds are flocking together to depart for southern winter grounds. Hummingbirds are no longer about. Animals may be itching out their summer coats making ready for the cold months ahead. The air is fragrant with Concord grape. A surprise to find they made it to fruit this year.

There will be a lunar eclipse with this full moon in Pisces. Expect a dreamy state of mind for the next few days. Pisces are the sensitive souls on the Zodiac wheel. Fuzzy, emotional states will dominate. Now is a pleasant time for love and romance. The instinct to be together, comforted or excited is strong. It is okay to have different sensations of other beings at this time. Spirit guides and other non-corporeal beings are easier to feel now.

Harvest and store for the winter to come. Be in the light. Be a part of it all.


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