Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

Full Corn Planting Moon of May

Flower MoonHail, Hail, Hail the full moon in May. In the northern hemisphere, we celebrate the height of spring with warm days and mild nights. The spring rains replenish the earth, washing the dust and pollen out of the air. The trees and shrubs spread their leaves and give vital cover to nesting birds. The wood thrush, rose breasted grosbeak, bluebird and catbird are all calling out. The finches take on their precious spring colors and strut about in gold and rose plumage.

In Native American culture, this is the Corn Planting Moon. All gardeners are raking up the soil, pressing in the seeds, coaxing peas up the trellis and enjoying early spring greens. The arugula, sorrel and dandelion leaves give strong flavor and a cleansing tonic to the digestion.

This is the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius. The mood may be optimistic with an ability to see things from a positive perspective now. The need for a bit of freedom and new horizons may be in the air. Time to explore new paths or ways of doing things. Be careful of a tendency for over the top conversations from yourself and those around you. The energy is positive. Roll with the moon tides!

Enjoy the springtime. Blessed be.


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