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Destination St. Lawrence Market Toronto

IMG_2288 The St Lawrence Market on the corner of Front Street East and Jarvis in downtown Toronto is a must stop for foodies. Whatever the weather is outside, it’s warm and wonderful in the old building. A public market has been on this spot since 1803 with farmers and vendors bringing in the freshest foods and products for sale.

There are cheese purveyors with hard and soft varieties. The French counter features Camembert, Brie de Meaux, Roquefort, Reblochon , Muenster, Pont l’Évêque, and Époisses. There are wheels of Swiss Formaggini, Appenzeller, Scharfe Maxx, Emmentaler and Sbrinz. And, many more from England and Italy.

Vendors offer produce from all over Canada and USA. How beautiful to walk down the aisles with mountains of fresh table ready fruit and vegetables. The fragrance of fresh berries, citrus and mushroom opens the senses. The day may be blustery and cold outside, but the chocolate dipped strawberries will soon chase away the blues.

IMG_2300The people of Toronto seem to be especially keen on olives. The fragrance of many varieties scented  the air. There were three large olive bars with sampling encouraged. Alongside were luscious mounds of stuffed grape leaves and prosciutto wrapped around soft cheeses.

The meats and fish markets are well stocked offering so many choices for dinner. A taste for the exotic? No problem. One vendor offered packaged wild boar, kangaroo, ostrich and other game meats from Australia. How inspiring to the weekend chef. Imagine having this lovely market to walk into on Saturday afternoons, strolling around the aisles, really perks up the possibilities. Need a gadget? Not to worry, if there’s a tool for cooking, that could be found too.

The breads are fresh from the oven. Take home what you like be it brioche, boules, challah, focaccia or chapati.  It’s also convenient to buy fresh roast chicken, pizza, or the local favorite, a pea meal bacon sandwich! Everything is market ready. Nothing sits around here very long.

IMG_2312Of course, be sure to go downstairs and feast the eyes and palate with the beautiful pastry display. Try the rumble crumble tart, I highly recommend this lovely treat. Stop at the Ukraine market in the back. Look at the vendor offering so many varieties of fresh ground flour! All the choices in coffee and tea.

Stop in Inti Taita Impressions and meet Silvia. She sells the loveliest garments from Peru. The fabrics are 100% organic pima cotton and baby alpaca. Gorgeous dresses, shirts, and scarfs for women and children.

There is so much to see and enjoy with musicians entertaining the crowd from every corner. The market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stop in and plan to stay for several hours. It’s unique and a lot of fun.IMG_2307


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