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Destination Allan Gardens Toronto

BunniesWhile visiting the northern city of Toronto, take a break from all that glass and steel to visit the Allan Gardens. The conservatory is a delightful refuge from the hustle of busy streets. There are five greenhouses including a palm and cacti house.

The tropical house includes a turtle and koi pond. A paddle wheel gently stirs the water making a sweet splashing sound. Enjoy bromeliads and orchids, shrimp plants and ficus vines.Koi and Turtle

The second house has a delightful pair of topiary bunnies. They spend their days gazing at Leda and the Swan sculpture in the shallow pond. The house is filled with cineraria, primula, seasonal hyacinth and jonquils.

Stroll along the pathways and enjoy this garden under glass. Admission is free!

Hours are Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

ledaOn Jarvis Street, Toronto Canada


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  1. Such pretty flowers!


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