Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

Spring Equinox ~ Full March Moon

March Full MoonHail, hail and welcome the Vernal Equinox is here! March 20, the wheel of the year turns to springtime. There’s so much energy in the heavens. Celebrate the Full Sap Moon, March 23.

In Massachusetts, the maple trees are being taped for syrup. The robins have returned to the garden. The berry bush branches flush a reddish hue. The trees and shrubs come back to life. The buds begin to swell. The perennial flowers and herbs are reborn. The crocus, jonquil and snow drops reach to the sky. The soil is warming. Soon, will be time to turn the earth and plant peas. Oh yeah!

Greek mythology honors the return of Persephone to the surface. Demeter, weeps no more as mother and daughter are reunited. It’s springtime! May the rains be gentle on us.

Thanks to Ilan Shamir for the Advice from the Moon


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