Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

February Full Snow Moon

by Darren Fisher

by Darren Fisher

Tonight, February 21 the moon rolls along on her nightly mission through the stars. The oldest companion of earth, sister moon shines her full force on the planet below. This month’s moon is often called the Snow Moon. The weather tends to be most treacherous in the northern hemisphere. A time for storms of snow and ice.

The sun is now in the constellation Pisces. The moon in Leo. What a mix of the zodiac! Pisces, the fishes, is in the element of water. Leo, the lion, is in the element of fire. Water signs view the world from the emotions. Relationships are most important. Pisces are known for their psychic energy and dreamy way of relating to the world. They are gentle, tolerant people. The moons influence bring in the shadowy qualities of Leo. Leo is one of the showiest signs in the zodiac. Think of the characteristics of a lion, that is a Leo. They can truly roar and take center stage with their flamboyant style. They do not like to be ignored and want to be treated like royalty.

This combination is a clash of values. Down on earth, we can feel the gentle impulses now but might be surprised at reactions this day. There may be opportunities today that are missed because of normal Piscean doubt. Hesitation is normal but Leo boldness may help give the inner push needed to succeed. Try to see things, as they are not how it could be. Do not be surprised to feel strong mood swings today. This combination does not like to play second fiddle and outbursts of emotions are to be expected. It is an eccentric combination.


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