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Destination Sicily ~ Planeta Winery

At this time of year, people may be making plans for travel in the next several months. A best destination for lovers of art, ancient history, food, and wine is Sicily. The island is a little Eden with mile upon mile of neatly cultivated fields. Some farmers build dry mortar stone walls around their property. In the spring months, nature plants a live border of red poppies and broom.  Both have a fine sense of order with straight lines curving over and around hill and dale. There are delightful vistas of citrus and olive groves. It is not possible to visit Sicily and not drive by vineyards. Sicily is well-known for growing and bottling superb dry red wines. An excellent destination is Planeta Winery.


The Planeta family have several estates in Sicily. The winery near Noto is called Buonivini which means good wines. The grapes cultivated include: Nero d’ Avola, Frappato, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Grecanico, Chardonnay, Fiano, Viognier, Carricante, and Moscato Bianco. Besides wine they also have acres of olive and carob trees. Visitors can tour the underground wine making facilities at Noto. The family uses modern and traditional techniques. Buyers can purchase wines and olive oil during the tour. Of course, there will be a sampling to find the right one for the dinner table. My favorites are Santa Cecilia and Plumbago. The wood casks at Planeta are sealed with a large plug of beeswax. The entrance to the production areas are graced with enormous rosemary shrubs. The dry Sicilian air is sweet on the estate. The breezes mellow and pleasing. The eye enjoys a sweeping panorama of green. Every inch of this property feels special.


There are six Planeta cantina’s on the island. Cantina La Baronia near Messina. Cantina Feudo di Mezzo near Taormina. Cantina Buonivini near Noto. Cantina Dorilli near Vittoria. Cantina Dispensa and Cantina Ulmo near Marsalla. This travel route takes the visitor around the island through some of the most scenic landscapes of Sicily. There are wonderful Greek ruins to visit and baroque cities waiting to be seen.

Click on this link to the website Planeta family and plan a visit. Planeta wines are available at fine wine shops in the United States. Yankee Spirits in Sturbridge Massachusetts offers several varieties for sale. Enjoy good food with good wine.




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