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Feng Shui ~ Fame and Reputation

feng-shui-decorFeng shui is a branch of Taoist philosophy focused on harmonizing the interior home environment with the natural elements.  By properly situating entryways, windows, rooms and furnishings within the home, important human qualities are given direct attention. The bagua, a grid of nine squares, is used to map areas within the home. The bagua creates a structural diagram for alignment with the natural forces as a means to achieve success in different areas of life. The fame and reputation area is the rear middle space. Feng shui advocates a clean and orderly home so the vital energy of life can find a comfortable environment in which to prosper. Qi, or the life force, enters the space, and channeled correctly can enhance the positive qualities of fame and reputation. This article is the third in applying centuries old feng shui techniques to a living space to enhance all areas of life.

Fame and reputation are projected outward by the individual and reflected back by friends, family, and society. What a person wants to be known for and how they are perceived are two different views. The image projected can be controlled by the presenter. The personal image is communicated by body language, hygiene, hairstyle, and clothing. Facial expressions play a key role as well. What does a person radiate from within? Actions and non actions over time create a reputation. The depth and breadth of personal fame are directly related to actions within society. How a person acts within the home, family, workplace, community and other social situations creates their fame and reputation. These are things that can be gained or lost in many ways.

index II The element is fire. The dominant color is red. This area in my home is in the kitchen. Here is a photo of what it tends to look like. A full-time job and household to run takes effort and attention. Being a typical commuter, some things are left undone before heading out the door. This is what is in my fame and reputation area. A messy kitchen sink. Cooking is a favorite pastime and maintaining a clean house is important. My home is my castle but this affects my reputation Do I leave things unfinished? This is what is unseen outwardly by society but what I see when I return home. The energy of qi coming in the home finds this kitchen as is. If I were the auspicious energy of the universe taking a look at this, perhaps I’d move on taking all the benefits of integrity away.

The fame and reputation section faces south, an auspicious direction. The view is into the garden. The property boundary reaches to railroad tracks about 250 feet back. Beyond the tracks is a slow and wide placid river. The train rumbles by routinely but at a slow speed. The whistle rarely blows so it is a part of the landscape and does not detract from it. The river can be seen in winter when the foliage is off the trees. Sunlight reflected on the water is a pleasant sight. Birds, wild turkeys, and rabbits make their home in the thicket along the river banks. Hoot owls haunt the nights. The outlook feels natural and open. Three large maple trees form a natural border on the east side and enhance a sense of privacy.  The trees mark the change of season and welcome squirrels and birds to nest. The west side is a thicket of young trees and shrubs. It’s a pleasant vista. Not being an expert at feng shui, it appears to be an auspicious outlook. The landscape is kept informal. Trees, shrubs and wild flowers grow naturally. The grass is trimmed routinely but its more natural than nurtured.

meglioThe inside is the area to adjust. The placement of the sink in front of a large sunny window is positive. The towels hanging down, dirty dishes and cluttered look are not. A trip to the local garden center was able to supply most of what feng shui encouraged for auspicious results. Here is a photo of the changed space.  At the top, a wind chime is hung that features a semi precious stone called citrine. Although it is not red, it is a sun color and the stone itself has qualities I wish to be famous for. The “citrine represents the solar plexus chakra which involves personal power and self-definition. Citrine is a symbol of hope and youth and brings energy, effectiveness, and spontaneity” said Gary Kvistad of Woodstock Chakra Chimes. The plant is a fiery red kalanchoe. The flower represents endurance and lasting affection. Two tapered red candles represent fire. Sun color dish towels now hang to the side not blocking the view. There’s a complimentary colored owl figurine all the way from sunny Sicily in the right corner. The space is cleaned and balanced. The sink, according to feng shui, is too close to the stove. After the dishes are cleaned, the bay leaf plant and flowering cyclamen are routinely placed between the areas of fire and water. I cannot move the sink and technically water will extinguish fire. Keeping the drains cleaned and covered when not in use is recommended. There may be some way to hide the sink when not in use with a large cutting board fitted to the space. This could be a cure. However, the cabinetry is knotty pine wood. Wood feeds fire and would be appetizing to the element. A rug has been placed on the floor in front of the sink. Now my feet are warm and the space feels more inviting.

rugThis took some time to think about and how to put together an attractive area that still needs to function as a kitchen sink. The kitchen is typically the heart of the home and this one is more balanced. The superficial changes focus the mind on care taking the external area. But, the overall internal question is, what do I want to be famous for and is this represented in the space.

Feng shui can enhance the quality of life through proper alignment with the natural elements. It is up to the individual to find the best way to activate their personal fame and reputation by not only improving the home environment, but by manifesting the desire to consider what it is they are famous for and how the reputation is regarded. This space is warm, tidy and energized. The citrine catches the afternoon sun and releases a delightful scattering of prisms around the space. The band of color is gold, yellow, orange and a touch of blue. The effect is to create a sparkling dance of light in the fame and reputation area. The light reaches into the wealth and prosperity corner as well. This will be then next section of the bagua to be adjusted.

To be continued………..

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