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Destination Sicily ~ Scala dei Turchi

As the winter season begins and plans for the New Year start to percolate, travel may be on the list of fun things to do in 2016. Travelers who enjoy time out-of-doors might consider a long stay on the island of Sicily. There are natural wonders waiting to be admired. A must stop on the tourist trail has to be Scala dei Turchi.IMG_0871

This cliff face of marlstone, lime-rich clay, rises out of the Mediterranean Sea. The wind and water have been carving the rock face for centuries giving it the look of stairs. La Scala dei Turchi literally means Turkish stairs. Apparently, marauding Turks of long ago used this as an entry way onto the island.


The traveler only needs a good pair of hiking shoes to walk along the cliff face. The incline is a gradual ascent up as far as the feet find their courage. The cliff face stretches along the seashore for several miles and reaches perhaps six stories in height. Visit on a clear day and marvel at the wonder of it all. Take a seat on the stairs and watch the swirling calm seas change colors. See schools of fish come together and apart in the twinkle of the eye. Feel the sun, wind, and water and know something beautiful only nature could create. Let the sea fill the senses and watch it lap at the feet of the cliff. Leave all thoughts behind and be apart of it all.


The site is in Agrigento Province at Realmonte near Porto Empedocle. The site is not operated as a park or reserve. There are no entry fees or services. Visitors are responsible for their own safety.

For information about the site, click on this link: Parcheggio Realmonte


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