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Feng Shui ~ Helpful People and Travel Part II

There are any number of websites on this topic. The library and bookstores can provide self-direction in this task as well. A local practitioner, someone to take on the goal of alignment with beneficial vibrations could not be found. So, ever the self-reliant homeowner, I drafted a plan to activate the area known to support connections to helpful people. How travel is part of this corner is not quite clear as these seem to be separate activities. Nevertheless, the task is started with more adjustments to be made. Here is a link to the first post on this topic. The goal is to overlay each grid of the bagua at home and make adjustments for auspicious experiences.

The front door opens directly into the area. There is a feng shui problem immediately in that a staircase is a few steps away from the entrance. The house is quite small and things are as they are. Behind the door is a tall old-fashioned cast iron radiator. The first task asks the space be cleaned. As much as I try, I cannot get in, under and behind the radiator. There are dust bunnies the vacuum cannot reach. The radiator works fine but is well-worn. So, the second problem appears. How do I clean the space? One solution would be to remove, clean and apply a fresh coat of silver paint. Another may be to find a crevice tool flexible and thin enough to do the work. Maybe I could also find a radiator cover. These are wooden, or metallic decorative pieces that fit right over the radiator. This kind of thing might be found at the Brimfield Flea Market. But, that event is not until May 2016.

claude-monet-waterlilies-eveningI cleaned the staircase and dusted down the walls. Feng shui says to stop energy coming in the house rushing up the stair by placing a red rug at the bottom. This will be on the list of errands with a goal for completion by the end of the week. A large task not completed during the warm weather was to clean, repair and paint the walls in the stairwell. I procrastinated too long. I put a charming picture at the top of the staircase and quite visible upon entering. Will this help the energy flow? This is called chi and comes in whenever the door opens. Chi needs to move in and around the house unblocked to bring in positive energies and raise the quality of life. The chi is to be redirected away from the stairs.

One question came to mind in the process of activating the right hand corner. Is it just the front entrance, or is it every right hand corner through a doorway in the house? This proved easier to adjust and several changes were Cricketsmade. At the right turn entering the kitchen, I put two silver crickets on the windowsill. The plan suggested silver and metal to activate the energy. The crickets are from the Lucky Nail Blacksmith Shop in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. A card that came with purchase explains, “Middle Eastern and European craftsman commonly carved amulets and charms bearing images of crickets to fend off evil spirits. Crickets have played strong roles throughout Chinese, Japanese and Native American cultures as a symbol of good fortune, vitality and prosperity.”

An “altar” is on display in an upper room in the right hand corner. I made a jade plant the centerpiece as they are associated with good feng shui. The leavess are round and that is pleasing to benevolent chi. The bookshelf Altar Travelcontains travel books, maps, and language guides for Italy, France, and Ireland. There is a coastal map of Agrigento province Sicily. A brochure for a Mozart tour in Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague. A CD for drive time practice of Italian. Euros in coin brought back from a trip to Sicily early this year. There is also a rain stick on the windowsill from Albuquerque New Mexico. It is filled with dried peas that rattle over spokes inside making a delightful sound of gentle rain when shaken. The suggestions included displaying water. Rain sticks are shaken to ask the spirit of the clouds to share some water with the earth. This object may come out, but it does represent a travel destination once enjoyed. I’d love to go back to Santa Fe next time. I definitely want to travel again soon and hope these things will manifest somehow, someway.

So, these are the shifts made to facilitate the movement of positive energy in bringing helpful people and opportunities to travel. A few decisions need to be made about the radiator and stairwell. But, I got started and hope to have a positive reaction. I have had one curious response from these changes already. I received a follow on Twitter from a prominent person in Boston media. As a writer, I am tickled pink to be noticed by someone who I have admired for several years.

To be continued………………….




  1. Very interesting article and ideas which you develop, Frances! I know Feng-Shui can have great influence, but I do know too little of it. To keep matters fluent seems to be important in any case. Fluent in the right way though. Looking from entrance through the house out of a window should be interrupted by some device. I placed an old fisherman’s green and round glass in a net into the sight. It seems to make me feel more comfortable… I am looking forward to more of your discoveries of Feng Shui!


  2. Fascinating article. Another home run! Am really looking forward to the next part. And congrats on the follow.



  1. Feng Shui ~ Fame and Reputation | Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

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