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Feng Shui ~ Helpful Friends/Travel

The ancient art of placement, feng shui, is a branch of Taoist philosophy balancing the complex personal needs with the living environment. Basically, it follows the principle of as within so without as without so within. People are not separate from the environment of land, sea and air. Our energy is part of the whole of life’s vibration. Our form contains collective cellular memory of many different states of existence. As we mature in the circle of life, we bring forward a connection to all other beings. It may be subtle, hard to define, difficult to understand but we are stardust and reflect the outer environment of earth and celestial sky with every breath we take.

Oh, how contemplative are these thoughts. How lofty and mysterious. If we are a part of it all, than why stumble so often in relationships, work, health, and prosperity. Feng shui addresses out of balance aspects and claims to restore positive flow of energy by thoughtful positioning of objects. By applying color or movement, somehow we can enhance the benefits of what is swirling around just waiting to be touched.

There are nine aspects of life to balance:

Skills & Knowledge
Fame & Reputation
Relationships & Love
Helpful People & Travel



There is a high value placed on helpful people. The need for connection at the right moment is part of every human experience. Reciprocal relations with people and the environment are important to individual well-being. If things are not going well, perhaps a little feng shui can improve helpful people. This area also includes travel.

The bagua, or grid that incorporates the nine aspects in life is applied to the home and adjustments or cures bring energy into positive alignment. Feng shui works towards the greater well-being of individuals. The Helpful People/Travel corner is immediately to the right as one enters the home or room.

So, that is the foundation, now what? I will take the bagua home and apply these principles over the next several weeks. There is much in the life to be improved. Will this create a balance? A more balanced approach internally? How much of this is self-fulfilling?

The way to balance Helpful People/Travel includes cleaning the space, removing clutter and harmonizing energy with objects or colors. The suggestion is to display something metallic. An image of a helpful deity. The sound of bells or water. Maps and pictures of travel destinations. There is much now to consider.

Let us see what happens next……to be continued.


Footnote ~ About two minutes after this article was published, an important bit of research information arrived from an unexpected source. Either it’s coincidence or synchronicity. The intention is made. A response appears. Believe it or not.





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