Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

November Days

Red-breasted NuthatchThe wheel of the year rolls deeper into the quiet time. The oak trees have let go and the rusty canopy settles on the sleepy grass.

The hardy sorrel shares the last of fresh greens. Now is the harvest of thyme. Now comes the blanket of straw over the berries. Cover them with a kiss and adieu until warmer days return.

The feeder and suet cages are filled. The wood nuthatch, cardinal and blue jays return to their winter camp under the grandiflora hydrangea. The sparrows, finch, chickadees, and juncos fuss and scratch. It’s our life here in this quiet place.

The skies have been kind. The light rides lower and lower on the horizon. The field mice scurry to their winter nest. The tranquil days of November pass one by one. The dried lovage and sage season the stew. All is well. All is done.


Photo credits to @Josiah van Egmond 2013



  1. Geerti

    What a beautiful November description this is, Frances! Gives a lovely feeling when reading it. Thanks!


  2. This was one of your best. As always you have drawn the picture showing the feeling.


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