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IL Volo Grande Amore International Version ~ Review

This oneThe newest CD from IL Volo, Grande Amore International Version is out. The Italian trio of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble have had an ambitious 2015. A win at Sanremo Music Festival in February. A third place technical finish, but a popular vote first place at Eurovision in May. They just put a wrap on a successful Italian Summer tour beginning in Rome and ending in Verona. A PBS TV Special, “IL Volo Live at Pompeii” is being aired in American markets. A concert schedule has been announced with tickets selling well for a 2016 tour in North America. They have made numerous appearances on Italian Television, and will be on the road promoting this new CD. It’s only October! Their artistic efforts are winning new fans at home. They have paid their dues and are in demand now.

This CD was purchased as part of a donation made to Detroit Public Television. The DVD of “IL Volo Live from Pompeii”, and bonus EP, “Sanremo Exclusive Edition” were included. The pledge of support was made in July during the airing of the concert on PBS. However, the gifts in kind did not arrive until September 15, 2015. Member Services sent out routine messages that the products would be shipped when available. The delay may have been caused by the release date of this CD as September 25. This little jewel was still in production when the order was placed. All items shipped at once.

The cover art features Gianluca loosening up his tie while Piero and Ignazio tussle on the sofa. A playful, provocative portrait with the trio decked out in Armani. IL Volo keep to their traditional format of presenting new songs, traditional Italian favorites, a show stopper or two, music for cinema, songs in English and a Spanish ballad. All the songs are presented ensemble in the genre, popular, Latin, and classical music, sung bel canto.

The English songs include two hits from the sixties. “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”, originally an Italian composition by Pino Donnaggio and Vito Pallavicini. Dusty Springfield had a big hit with it in 1966. The Rolling Stone Magazine listed this as 49 on The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. “Delilah” by Barry Mason and Les Reed was a hit for Tom Jones in 1968. It reached 15 on the Billboard Top 100. IL Volo give terrific high energy performances, rocking them right off the CD.

The show stopper may be the cover of the well-known Neapolitan song “Volare” or “Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu” by Domenico Modugno. This was performed at Sanremo in 1958. It was Song of the Year and won Modugno a Grammy for Record of the Year. The musical arrangement is dazzling with skillfully played percussion and strings. It’s hard not to want to move to the energetic rhythms. What a wow! What fun!

A shout out to Paolo Valli, Ceseare Chiodo and Mattia Tedesco. They appear on 11 songs bringing an outstanding musical arrangement to each. The percussion and strings are the backbone of this CD. The meter shifts, movements, and bridges are smooth. The singers are well supported. A key strength on this CD is the harmonious blend of timing between singer and instruments. Nothing is rushed. The singers match emotion with emotion.

Grande AmoreoooOf all the compositions presented, three stood out as exceptional: “Per Te Ci Saro”, “Caruso”, “Beautiful That Way”. The songs are fun, passionate, and sweet. The weave of the voices with the music are IL Volo at their best here. Per Te Ci Saro(I’ll Be There for You) is an adaptation of the song “Heroes” by Sommerdahl, Fitzgerald and Horn originally sung by Japanese singer Ayaka Hirahara. IL Volo have a knack for finding popular songs and changing the arrangement to their forte. It’s smoothly done and stands out for complete musicality. Bravi a tutti.

IL Volo are dedicated to winning new fans with their sound. They have a habit for finding life in dusty old tunes. A song is never old, it just needs a little love to bring out the best in it. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca bring texture, feeling and energy to all their songs. They sing from the heart and are dedicated to bringing what they have to the world. Now they have a signature song in “Grande Amore”. The theme of this CD is we are here, we are now and we are on the way up.

Look for the new CD on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Check out IL Volo Music for concert dates in 2016.

As written by Frances Ann Wychorski

Play List
1. Grande Amore
2. La Vita
3. Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)
4. Quando L’Amore Diventa Poesia
5. Per Te Ci Saro
6. Aspettero
7. L’Amore Si Muove
8. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
9. Eternally
10. Si Me Falta Tu Mirada
11. Delilah
12. L’immensità (2015 Version)
13. Caruso
14. The Best Day of My Life
15. Beautiful That Way (La Vita È Bella)
16. Piove (2015 Version)

IL Volo Grande Amore International Version
Sony Music Latin
@2015 Sony Music Entertainment Italy
Release date September 25, 2015



  1. Frances as usual your writing is outstanding. Your research into music and opera show a clearer picture of the history and energies of Il Volo. Also clear are the attitudes and mores of the Italian people you experienced in your trip to Sicily. To have attained the level of magnificence they have reached as young men, boggles the mind how much more their talent will grow as they mature. To have attained world wide recognition and then finally the acceptance and recognition in their homeland is the prize they have been working toward.



  1. IL Volo Live from Pompeii | Luce Stellare

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