Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

The Moon When Ducks Fly

DucksA rare celestial moment will be happening over the next three days. A Full Harvest Moon sails in Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On Sunday, the Moon will be in full lunar eclipse sometimes called the Blood Moon. The Moon will be in the Earth’s shadow giving it a slightly reddish tinge. This all makes for one Super Moon. The next one will not occur until 2033. Optimum viewing time for the lunar eclipse will be between 9 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. EST. The full eclipse will be at 11:23 p.m.

Native American folklore refer to this first full moon after the fall equinox as the Moon When Ducks Fly. Our feathered friends are flocking and moving out to warmer winter feeding grounds. The hummingbirds, wood thrush, and cat bird are already gone. The leaves are starting to turn color. Nights are cool.

Harvest time is here. A moment to gather what has been planted. A time to tidy and put away for the season. Consider what is to be done, what is to be let go, and what is to be celebrated. The sun is in Libra, a time to balance and appreciate the beauty of nature.



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