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A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

Libra Sun ~ Fall Equinox

Libra-MandalaAn auspicious day in the year has arrived. Not only do we roll into Fall but into Libra Sun ~ September 23 – October 23.

A time to harvest and store for the long cold to come. Save what the good Earth has given us. Give thanks for her generosity.

The Sun enters the constellation Libra ruled by the planet Venus. Libras are noted as striving for balance and harmony, for cultivating relationships carefully, and fighting for just causes. Libras love nature and beauty in all forms. They are driven by a desire for fairness, compassion and artistic expression. Libra is a Cardinal Sign.

We are at the Wheel of the Year. Change is on the horizon.


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  1. Such a tribute to the beginning of fall. I especially enjoyed the definition of Libras. My daughter is one and she has all of the characteristics you listed. Thanks for another fine article!


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