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Houdini Needs a Home


Update – With a happy heart, I am able to say Houdini has a new home! He was at Dakin Animal Shelter for about one month. That little rascal found his way into someones heart. I knew he was a winner. This cat is on his fourth life I figure and going strong. Good Luck Houdini!


This sweet kitty cat is in search of a new forever home. I believe the owners abandoned him after a house in the neighborhood was taken by a bank in foreclosure sometime last fall. Somewhere in the winter, he migrated to my front steps meowing for help. This past winter was one of the toughest in recent memory and this resourceful cat found shelter. He reached out for help and I gladly put out a bowl of eats every afternoon. For months and months, I came to know this little cat and appreciated his spirit.

I thought he was feral but discovered I could touch him, brush him, and even pick him up. So, given his willingness to be handled, I tried several times to catch, crate, and take him to the local vet clinic. He displayed great skill at escaping or eluding capture and earned the name Houdini. He managed to escape more than one carrier and gave me quite the look as he romped away. But, he always came back and so I tried again until he was caught!

A local vet generously offered a reduced fee for neuter, vaccinations, and a health check. Once he had all his treatments, he was allowed to move inside. After a month of TLC, I can say that little Houdini is looking smashing. His coat is shiny and soft. He’s gaining weight and his mischievous nature is coming out.

Unfortunately, my house cat of many years had a royal hissy fit when I brought him inside. Sweetie is a classic calico and can be a little nutty at times.  I have had multiple cats before, so I was unprepared for her vigorous rejection of Houdini. She charged him, screamed, and scared herself silly. She is not thriving and time has not reduced anxiety. She was okay until he moved in. She has made her life quite miserable by her behavior.

HoodiHoudini is now at Dakin Humane Society in Leverett MA. This is a compassionate adoption center in the Pioneer Valley near UMass Amherst. If anybody wants a charming and mischievous house cat, consider Houdini. He is about 10 years old. Has four white booties with a grey and black striped coat. He’s a little on the slender side still but getting better every day. He is wily, enjoys being allowed outside every day, uses the litter box, knows how to use a pet door, doesn’t scratch furniture, and not a finicky eater. He won’t initiate a tussle, but if the other cat pushes, he will take care of himself. He does not seem to like dogs and prefers a quiet, small household. He will follow you around and show the love for being in a home.

Houdini needs a home. He’s a winner and I am sure will bring happiness to a new family.


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