An Odyssey in Sicily

For the better part of ever, I’ve thought of traveling to Sicily. The idea of it disappeared from my thoughts until I came to Italian culture. I am most curious about the folklore, spirituality and mythology of antiquated societies. No, I am not an academic, just there is a fascination that comes over me from time to time about a way of life and I follow that idea. The interest in the culture of Italian was sparked by music. I was listening to IL Volo and appreciated the quality of their voices. As I could not understand the language, it occurred to me to learn la bella lingua. After explorations of foods, wines, films, even opera, I decided to visit Italy. Now that I am in Sicily, I realize I have enough skill in language to get along, but have a long way to go until I am comfortable with conversational Italian. No matter. I have been in Sicily for a few days. Upon landing in Catania, I went straight to Taormina to stay at the Casa Cuseni. This is the home of Daphne Phelps. The minute the door of my room was opened, I fell into this odyssey. The adventure began on this balcony overlooking the bay and up to Mt Etna.IMG_0642 She was smoldering and in the night, a stream of lava could be seen glowing down the mountainside. How brave the people of Taormina are to be so close to such danger. How do they live it? This maiden has been over watching Lady Aetna for hundreds of years. She stands lightly with grace and surety. If she is at ease, so am I. Somewhere in the first night the adventure began. I came here for what? Non lo so which in English means I do not know. I do believe Daphne breathed in my ear and I am carrying something of her now. I am days away from my “baptism” of fire, sky and sea. Sicily is revealing her message to me every day now. It’s not that I arrived in Sicily, it’s that she is talking to me spiritually. Every day as I encounter her people, birds, fields, hills, walls, castles, churches, flora, and on and on, it’s revealed. The days and nights of change. Every day is an odyssey in Sicily.


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