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How to Balance with Magic

There you are, a bundle of conflicted thoughts and let-downs at the end of winter. You feel overwhelmed by wants, needs and desires old and new. As the season changes, so too is it a time to shed the grit of winter and welcome renewal. Here is a simple ritual to dispel the stuck on loose bits of negative energy that are getting you down. With a little white magic, all will be released. All will be well.

GoddessMagic is a philosophy using the natural forces to bring about change. Magic is respectful of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. It recognizes we are a part of it all. Magic acknowledges things seen and unseen. In a deliberate caring way, magic asks us to face our dark side and look at things as they are, not as we wish or want them to be. Magic asks us to be brave and confront our dark thoughts in a safe manner, acknowledge our internal process and begin to let go of that which is heavy in us.

Magic does not require any “training” or anyone else to be present. The local magic shop owner may be able to connect you to an open circle in the area that welcomes visitors. But, that can be daunting. And, if you are not secure in your faith, it may be unwelcome. No one needs to set aside beliefs and values to practice magic Nothing has to be given up or taken on to ask for support. The only necessity is an open mind and a spirit willing to cleanse, restore, and renew.

Perhaps it may be helpful to say that no one else needs to even know what it is you are doing. If the word magic by itself conjures up uncomfortable imagery, than consider that you are stepping out of the ordinary and exploring alternatives means of balancing. The goal is to find release within of negative thoughts, energies and ambitions. To let go of petty hurts, grudges and images of actions and words that just didn’t go well.


This is a ritual. A sequence of steps are taken to release the negative energies

  • Chose a quiet hour at dawn or dusk. Optimum timing is the three days of the dark moon phase.
  • Place one tea light or votive candle in a glass jar designed to hold the candle
  • Prepare a small cup of sweet red wine or milk with honey. Prepare a small sweet cake or bread roll.
  • Find a small stone, any stone will do.
  • Find a place out of doors to perform this ritual. If that is not available, at least have a window facing out of doors, preferably into a natural setting such as a tree or body of water. The ideal would be outside at the forest edge or near a stream.
  • Bathe from head to toe setting intentions to cleanse, clear and renew the spirit.
  • Dress in comfy, loose fitted clothing. Barefoot is best.
  • Begin the ceremony by stating intentions: I intend to clear away the negative emotions that are jangling inside and weighing me down. I will ask Nature to support this clearing taking away the bitterness and replacing it with the sweet. I am grateful that I can always return to Nature and find renewal.
  • Find an area and define a small circle around yourself. Light the candle. Hold the votive candle extended away from the body in the left hand and turn around to the right three times saying: I draw this golden circle around myself, to seal my aura against negative forces that are without, negative thoughts, actions and intentions are returned to the source three times three. Imagine the golden circle of light surrounds you above and below and all sides.
  • Face east and call in the spirits of the wind to help clear your mind. Face the south and call in the spirit of fire to help clear your internal passion. Face the west and call in the spirit of water to clear your internal emotions. Face the north and call in the spirit of earth to clear your internal base. Face the center and call in the spirit of all things to balance and center.
  • Place the votive candle at your feet. Hold the stone in your hands. Into the stone, put all the negativity. See in your mind’s eye arguments, problems, uncertainties, conflicts and turmoil. See the sources of all. Into the stone, put all this energy. Pour it in. As you release, notice how you feel. When you feel a shiver, this is a signal to you, that all that can be released has done so. Place the stone on the ground. Hold the votive candle in your hands and ask to be filled with the light of love. Ask to be filled with sweetness. Askwiccan_20_l__20_circle_20light_1 to find wholeness inside. Imagine the candle light becoming you. Hold this image until you feel a natural sigh come out. The work is done.
  • Take a sip of the liquid and bite of the cake. Celebrate the moment.
  • Release the circle by sending the four directions and sacred center away in reverse order. Remember to thank them for their presence. Release the circle by turning to the left three times. Walk out of the circle. Take the stone and either put it in the stream or bury it in the ground. Leave the rest of the wine and cake out as an offering. Walk away and don’t look back

Words are beautiful, but actions sometimes speak louder. It is important to acknowledge the messy dark matter of energy within. It is equally important to replace it with positive energy. By performing this ritual regularly, changes will occur. This ritual can become as simple or elaborate as the practitioner wishes.

Published in Wisdom Magazine, April 1, 2015

Pen Name: Adelphie Salle



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