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Romance Is Back! ~ San Remo Grand Amore ~ IL Volo

Romance is back in style! IL Volo, recently released their new EP, Sanremo Grande Amore. The Italian trio of Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, won the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival 2015 with their presentation of “Grande Amore” (Great Love). The festival is a popular singing contest held annually in Italy. A previously unreleased song is presented by each performer. Each song is sung twice by the contestants with a winner selected by a combination of judging and popular vote. The winners go on, as representatives of their country, to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria in May. Every Italian musical artist, in their heart, want to perform and win at Sanremo. The Got ITecstatic leap by Piero when the name IL Volo, was announced as victorious, demonstrates the joy of this moment in their career as IL Volo. “Grand Amore”, is the title track by Francesco Bioccia and Ciro Esposito. IL Volo also cover five songs on the EP from previous Sanremo Music Festivals including: “Ancora” (Once Again), “Vacanze Romane” (Roman Holiday), “Canzone per Te” (Song for You), “Piove” (Rain), “Romantica” (Romantic) and “L’Immensita” (Immensity).

IL Volo have been performing and recording for six years. They came together as a trio after appearing on the popular Italian TV program, Ti Lascio Una Canzone (Leave You a Song). The musical variety show brings on talented children between the ages of 7 and 15 to perform well-known Italian songs. The producer thought their voices might blend well together and the teenage group was formed. They have paid their dues on lengthy tours in North, South and Central America. IL Volo have recorded three television specials with the Public Broadcasting Service and toured as special guest artists with Barbra Streisand in 2012. In 2014, they won the Latin Billboard Award, Best Group of the year in Latin Pop Albums category. The video, “Grande Amore”, has topped 20 million views. IL Volo are managed by Michele Torpedine of MT Opera and Blues, Bologna Italy.


The blend of their three voices brings a harmonic artistry seldom found in today’s popular music. IL Volo are cross over artists bringing back bel canto, an Italian phrase meaning beautiful singing, to popular music. IL Volo are known for flawless artistic performances, and glamorous, sophistication on stage. The music on this new EP is for lovers – beautiful, satisfying and impossible to resist.

Gianluca Ginoble has a sexy, purring light baritone that caresses the ear and tickles the toes with its vocal range. He has perfect pitch and a gentle vibrato that can lull a baby to sleep, wake up the moon and draw out a lovers sigh with his silky, crooning style. Ignazio Boschetto sings with a flexible, lyric tenor that is just starting to find its way into the blues. He gets grit in his voice and brings an emotional throb of sadness. Piero Barone sings with the power and passion of a dramatic tenor. He has timbre, rich and complex as Nero d’Avola wine from his native Sicily. This recording has him finding the gentle side of his vocal range, his sighs and lovelorn whispers stir the emotions in subtle ways. There are several harmonic moments when his vocal note matched the pitch, tone and note of the musical instrument. The blend of one with the other filled the ear and is unusual to hear in pop music, but this is classical pop.


With the exception of “Grand Amore”, a tightly, ticking suspenseful song that is performed with controlled energy and sexiness by the trio, the other songs are well known to the Italian audience. The EP has been released in Italy and available by mail order in the United States from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The entire EP is sung in Italian. But, don’t let this prevent a sale. The listener does not need to understand Italian to appreciate Sanremo Grand Amore. For the US market, this recording is a sensual delight and sure to soften even the most jaded heart.

A musical performance should move the listener into a mood. The theme of sensual seduction flows throughout Sanremo Grand Amore. Music purists who prefer a minimum of production will enjoy much of this EP. IL Volo are at their finest with the least amount of music accompaniment. The songs “Canzone per Te”, “Vacanze Romane” and “Romantica” are acoustic arrangements and allow the voice to be the focal point of the song. The pace of “Romantica” invites dancers to the floor. A song is a poem set to a melody. The image of sweethearts walking on the shore came quickly, with the cool, crunch of sand under foot. The sun is rising, it’s been a long, luscious night. It’s the perfect moment to be in love. The lyrics of “Tu Sei Romantica” are written by Robertino Loreti, “You are the music which inspires the soul. You are my corner of paradise, here on the Earth. And I am next to you, I have come back to live. I will tell you, I will trust you my dreams. Because you are romantic.” Ah Perfetta! IL Volo at their best.

il-voloPiero, Gianluca and Ignazio have crafted a unique approach to song. There is no leader. Each will sing a solo, become a duo and then a trio, finding what the song and words need for expression. Each singer knows the others strength and weaves a compelling, emotional state of enchantment. The songs are sumptuous compositions that have stood the test of time. These songs were just waiting for IL Volo to come along and record them for a new generation of romantics. Ladies will feel as if her hand has been kissed by a Romeo who won’t leave in the morning. Men will be moved to reflect on the ways of love, how it is expressed and where it can take the heart. Relax and feel your sensual side come alive with Sanremo Grand Amore.

IL Volo San Remo Grande Amore
Produced by: Celso Valli and Michele Torpedine
Sony Music Ent. Italy
Release date: February 20, 2015

Written by Frances Ann Wy




  1. Barbara

    Fell in love with these boys a year ago when I saw them on TV
    Can’t get enough of them
    Beautiful music.


  2. I have never read a more accurate and wonderful review about IL VOLO than this. All the emotions Frances describes while listening to this new CD, I felt. Our GUYS are, YES, incredible singers. My personal favorites, even though I loved every song, are “CAZONE PER TE and L’IMMENSITA'”. They do something to your senses. Haunts you and at the same time, takes you to another place and time of romance and serenades. I love Frances’ review of our wonderful guys. I look forward to reading more from her.


  3. Deanne Smith

    Frances, this is a wonderful review! I am so glad I found you. at last someone “sees” I hope you will write other reviews of them in the future. they are the rising stars of this generation and more and more people are seeing that finally!


  4. Ruth Rapp

    Frances, nobody could have said it better! Wonderful words to describe our wonderful Guys and the magic that ensues when we listen to their beautiful voices. Thank you!


  5. This is a wonderful review, i really enjoyed reading it.


  6. Janis L. Blank

    What a wonderful review of a wonderful EP. The words Frances uses to describe the songs and the singers are incomparable. The young men of Il Volo have risen a bit higher with the release of this EP and what’s coming in the future for them will send them flying high. Yes, they are Il volo! They are the best singers and Frances is an excellent writer. Bravo, Frances!!


  7. Wonderful review!!! I have been following Il Volo since PBS aired the first Special, Il Volo Takes Flight!!! Their amazing voices have returned the magic & enchantment of love & romance to the selection of the songs they sing!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero are exceptional young men who are realizing their dream of sharing their talent & love for beautiful music around the world!!!


  8. OMG! This review makes the heart flutter and the blood rush. Having heard the CD you have described the swells of emotion perfectly. You leave the reader panting for more. The only thing lacking would be a photo at the end, but then again, maybe that would be overkill. Best leave the image of romance to the reader — I mean our romantic partners don’t necessarily look like Il Volo!



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