Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

Mozart’s Birthday!

Mozart IIHow you are divine somehow. How you are alive somehow. How you are at once inside, outside and all around in spirit, in hope in delight and always in love.

When I open to you, out pours the violet light, the shimmering starlight of lavender, amethyst, lilac and indigo across the constellations banded in silver and gold.

Amadeo! Yes, God loves you so well. You are the sound of moonlight, sunlight, and starlight. In your music, I feel the gentle brush of the bird’s wings. I hear inside the sea shell. I sense the earth turning under my feet. I can see the way in. I can touch another heart. You are all that is seen and unseen. You are the light. You are alive.

In your music, in your songs is the invitation to laugh, flutter, fall, sin, forget and even be reborn. Your music invites forgiveness of self-limiting doubt. There is only wonder. You saw that wonder and gave it to us in the notes. The blessed, sacred notes from one who is the eternal trickster. What an imp you are Dearest Wolfie!

You are Idamante! You are Belmonte! You are my beloved Papageno!

You knocked on my heart and I do welcome you in. And, here is the moment I fell in love with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Ti Amo Wolfie!

Violet sunset


Lucio Silla K 135
Act I Duetto “D’elisio in sen m’attendi”
Guinia – Edita Gruberova
Ceclio – Cecilia Bartoli


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  1. Is all of the article from “D’elisio…”? It seems like from “Amadeo to the end” are your words and feelings? The picture is magnificent. The article is a tribute and declaration of your love for Mozart. Very touching.


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