Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

Come Where Love Invites You

Come where love invites you,
Come, for I already feel in my breast
the joy that soon shall be yours.

The sea is not always hostile.
The sky is not always stormy.

Sometimes it smiles happily in calmness and serenity.

In Italian: No. 1 Aria: Vieni ov’amor t’invita JE Golnia

Vieni ov’amor t’invita
Vieni, che gia mi sento
Del tuo vicin contento
Gli alti presage in sen.

Non è sempre il mar cruccioso,
Non è sempre il ciel turbato
Ride alfin, lieto, e piacato
Fra la calma, ed il seren.

Lucio Silla K 135
Opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto by Giovanni de Gamerra
Premier performance December 1772
Photo credit: JE Golenia: Sea and Sky


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