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Be Refreshed! Be Green! Be Tea!

As tea drinkers we know there’s tea and then there’s tea. Once in a while, a product is so good that it needs to be shared. Here is a tea worthy of the label Green Tea.

Green tea is commonly considered to be a healthy beverage enjoyed for centuries by discriminating drinkers in search of a simple way to enjoy good health. The benefits are endless from better brain function to lowering the risk of certain types of cancer, weight loss support and improvement of dental health.

However, the tea that can be purchased in the local supermarkets is limited in flavor. The green tea is mass market produced and processed at the lowest cost and easiest packaging for sale. Well, that leaves the consumer with, pardon my words, a cheap imitation of green tea. Once you’ve tasted good green tea, you’ll agree.

Kusmi Tea Kusmi

I came upon the product, Kusmi Tea ~ Jasmine Green Tea. This brand originates in France and is exported worldwide. In all the higher end tea sellers I’ve frequented, this product I have not seen for sale on the shelf.

The Kusmi Jasmine Green comes in a round tin of loose leaf tea. The ingredients are: Green China tea scented with Jasmine blossoms. The tea is enclosed in a cellophane wrapper and once opened, reveals a pleasant aroma. I was impressed with the quality of the leaves. The leaves are intact. The jasmine flowers are numerous. The tin contains 4.4 ounces. There is enough tea for a morning double cup for several weeks.

Product Comparison

I prepared the tea by bringing hot water almost to the boil and pouring it over the tea net in a porcelain cup. The tea brewed in the covered cup for 3 – 5 minutes. The color is a beautiful light shade of delicate woodsy green. There is no need to add lemon or honey. However, if that is your preference than I might suggest reducing the amounts in half.

The best place to purchase this brand of tea may be the company website. The Kusmi Tea website is well organized and can be searched by several categories: Wellness, Russian, Traditional, Flavored, Decaf, Iced, Black and Green. The shopper can search by the packaging in bags or loose leaf. They also sell in refill bags. If you already have the tin, this makes sense. I plan on making full use of the website and ordering a black tea. As I fancy Darjeeling, this will be the one I try first. Organic Darjeeling No 40 from India. I look forward to reviewing this product.

So, if you are a discriminating tea drinker and are tired of green colored water with no flavor and probably lacking the nutrients too, give this a try! Be refreshed. Be Green. Be Tea!


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