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Il Volo at Wallingford CT, September 29, 2013

Il Volo*While this review is a bit dated, it’s a chronicle of attendance to Il Volo concerts. As a new tour schedule is released for 2014, there will hopefully be another in the foreseeable future.

This has been my third Il Volo concert attendance in two years. The first was at the BOA Pavilion, Boston MA in September 2012. The second was BOA Pavilion, Boston MA September 14, 2013. The last performance was so extraordinary an event, that I followed my heart and purchased a ticket for the 2nd concert held in New England in 2013. I am fortunate to live a reasonable driving distance to both venues. This was the last show in the USA on this extensive tour of the Americas.

To have Il Volo (IV) in front of you moving, swaying and singing is to be in a bit of a dream. They live and breathe Italian style in every move, wiggle and wink. IV are sophisticated, playful, curious, but most of all vivaciously warm in heart. However, the first impression after the opening number was they were subdued not tired but a little low in energy. Piero, who seems to always be in motion, only wiggled lightly to the beat of the music. Unlike the previous concerts, IV took a ten minute break after the first hour and came back even more mellow and sweet in song. The venue was a modern indoor concert hall with a comfortable amphitheater floor plan. The BOA concerts are outdoors under a large tent providing some shelter from the elements. An indoor theater, with the curtains, fabrics and enclosure of space, creates a different experience for the fan. While the drive to Wallingford was long, the parking was free if you were savvy enough to navigate the VIP signs offering a closer spot to the door for a price. There is an entrepreneur everywhere. The performance was well worth the effort to attend. The stage show, lights, band and flow of the songs was the same but the atmosphere more focused. Once again, the fans were treated to IV in their the finest spumante! Tutto frizzante e dolce!

Gianluca’s body language in song is gritty, he plants his feet firmly on the floorboards and leans into his voice giving his romantic best for you. Known as the philosopher of the group for his frequent contemplations on Twitter, I was impressed when he made a straight social statement to the audience about the purpose of their tour and the banner of We Are Love. It’s not just a song, but a way to live life. But, Ignazio’s infectious sense of humor pervaded and even the serious and sober Gianluca playfully pantomimed bopping the drummer on his head to the beat of his own drum. During his solo performance of Night and Day, Piero and Ignazio appeared on stage behind him and started to slow dance as two lovers caught up in the magic of the song. It was hilarious! But, Gianluca kept going, stayed focused and gave us a fabulous performance. I am searching for a nickname for him. He has a strong stage persona and with his pitch perfect romantic baritone, captivates hearts young and old. But, there are moments when you can see his younger brother Ernesto clearly in his expression. He is all at once suave, sincere, brave, and beautiful, something old reborn.

Piero was stunning in his performance of Non Peude Se and Where do I Begin. Where I appreciate his technical prowess, tonight he took a step deeper into his emotional range and presented the mortification of a pierced heart and later on that of one in delirious joy. His voice rippled around the theater. The man behind me said all night, they are all remarkable, but he gives just a bit more. If I never see another show in my life, I can say that twice I witnessed an Italian Art being crafted at the moment. I did capture the song on video for an addition to my personal library. Something happened during the recording I cannot explain. No matter what I did, I could not focus on Piero. He remained as a blurred image in the camera. There are lights of green and red all around him, but the camera refused to bring him into focus. The audio is magnificent. Curious how the camera conveyed that one only needed to hear this to recognize brilliance. The lights in the lens reflected that brilliance and surrounded him with the glow of passion and growth. I confess to a mysterious admiration of his presence, he is a cat, a sleek, unusual pixie. However, I have come to understand that Piero can be extraordinarily endearing in unexpected ways. When he realized there was a camera projecting their image onto a larger screen for the folks sitting up in back, he leaned in, examined the lens, looked at the image, looked back, winked away and leaned in to kiss the lens kissing us through it. All at once, he is a cat, curious, unpredictable and a sweetheart. To me he will ever more be piccioncino. My little lovebird.

Ignazio once again displayed a rambling sort of humor that although scripted, veers into nuttiness at any moment. È il mio biscottino. My little cookieJ His voice was clear and crisp, he sings such bittersweet melodies and managed to draw tears from me during Memory. He reduced Piero to giggles several times calling him Mr. Red Glasses, running to the extreme back of the theater to find his Maria and being called Igna by the guys. After escorting his Maria safely to her chair, he came back and did a theatrical roll up onto the stage. There is a giddiness about him that is infectious. In body and spirit, he often reminds me of an otter.

As I read their tweets and watch the bits of video shared with fans, they do act like brothers, one minute bopping Tutte treeach other around, the next serious and supportive. The truth of Il Volo for me is Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio take great pride in their work and with each performance, artistically reach for the perfect moment on stage. They love us and draw off our positive energy to respond with their personal best. One person in line for the meet and greet was recognized by the organizer as being at her fifth show. Il Volo does that. I was dazzled at the Boston performance only a few weeks ago. So much happened in one night that I simply had to see them again. I am so glad I did. Grazie mille Il Volo.



  1. Geerti

    Your story just fell into my eyes again, Frances. I enjoyed reading it again. Your recording facts and feelings make me feel as if I had been there also. Thalnk you for the pleasure taking part this way .


  2. I just shared this to my page. I forgot it was you Frances! LOL! It was such an amazing night. I don’t remember alot of it. I was in a trance. I will take videos this time! Thanks for the nice report!


  3. mauimom7174

    Frances, you write beautifully! You really brought the concert to life for me! I will attend my first IV concert in June and hope I can keep my wits about me so that I can recall each moment as well as you have done here! Grazie! Ricki


  4. It is a pleasure to read your special reports about your experience with IL VOLO, Frances! Thank you so much!


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