Star Crossed Voyagers~ Il Volo Fans Tour in Italy

Abruzzo ItalyEver since I discovered Il Volo, I have been planning to travel to see Bel Paese, Italy. Slowly, I am acquiring basic language skills along with the sense of how complex and how much there is to see and do. At first, I considered joining a tour group and settling on where and when to travel. I started watching travel shows, reading many travel memoirs and listening to friends who have already been to Italy. I set up a bank account solely for the purpose of securing the funds necessary for the trip. At best, my income is modest and the needs are many. There’s the house, the car and everything else in between. But, as I get closer to the target amount, the determination to reach the destination doubles.

My nature is that of a classic Libra. I love beautiful things, the arts, nature and finding balance. As much as I enjoy privacy, I also have a need to be a part of it all. As attractive as solo travel is, it is not the wisest choice. There are so many fans of IV, I wondered if I could find companions for this tour. The tour is to be different. Instead of the traditional trek of Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, couldn’t I do better by visiting those places IV has shown to us over the years. Bologna, Abruzzo, Sicily.

Several weeks ago, I advertised on FB the idea of traveling to Italy with fans. The name came from the song, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John. There is a magnificent moment during the PBS Concert from Miami when Piero reaches deep inside to sing the phrase, ”When the heart of this star-crossed voyager, beats in times with yours.”  He touched something inside my heart and this is my response.

The group is for serious fans who would consider joining the tour or who can make a substantial contribution to sorting this out. And, as much as I try to avoid cliché, this is like making sausage. It’s a challenge to sort out where to go, how, when and above all, $$$. Who will go? I’ve got it started. I have no idea how this will end. But, that’s the fun of travel.

The tour will be mostly done via public transportation in Italy. I love being outdoors and walking through old towns, marketplaces and spending time at the seaside whenever possible. People who would join the tour would need to be physically fit and able to walk 2-9 miles per day on uneven surfaces as well as climbing lots of stairs.Roseto Degli Abruzzi

The tour would take place either in Fall of 2014 or Spring 2015.

A tentative itinerary would be as follows:

• Land in Milan or Rome, 1st day meet, greet each other and relax

• Travel to Bologna for visit to IV office. Enjoy the fine foods of Emiglia-Romano

• Travel to Umbria to visit San Francesco Basilica in Assisi

• Travel to Abruzzo

• Travel to Sicily and tour Agrigento province, Marsala, etc….

• Depart from Palermo or Catania

All this is in flux. Considering the scope of travel, this would be a two (2) week trip.

This blog will record the preparations and adventures as they are coming together. I’ve had a few inquiries from different fans, so people know about the idea. I’d enjoy hearing from folks. Leave a comment or contact me via FB, Twitter or a personal message. Buon Viaggio!Valle dei Tempi Agrigento


4 thoughts on “Star Crossed Voyagers~ Il Volo Fans Tour in Italy

  1. To answer Tatyana’s fear:
    I live in Abruzzo, about 30 km from Gianluca’s house and I assure you that Italian springs and falls are not so hot! Average temperature: 18-20 degrees celsius. Very pleasant. But if you come in July or August, well, then you could have some problems…
    Have a good trip!


    • Just to reaffirm Emanuela’s response, 18-20 deg Celsius is 64 to 68 deg Farenheit. Perfect weather for the type of trip you are planning. Soooo bummed I can’t go. Have spinal stenosis and am unable to walk for more than 15 -20 minutes a time, even with mechanical assistance. Back just freezes up. Am improving, but no guarantees. Have an absolutely wonderful time and send back pictures!!!!


  2. This sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I will be unable to join you as the amount of walking is outside my realm of capabilities at the present. Do hope you will keep exercising your blogging and photography in keeping us updated on all aspects of the trip!


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