Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

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Mattina ~ Solstice Greetings

M’illumino d’immenso.


Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

What does this mean in English? From the Italian Poet Ungaretti.

The translation is the morning illuminated by the brilliance of a thousand stars.

We are already deep in winter’s cold and ice here in New England. The trees are quiet. The birds scurry and peck for seeds. The animal tracks in the snow speak of the restless hunt for comfort. Persephone has retreated to the underworld. We must accept things as they are. The sun rises and renews us each day. Perhaps the poem means simply; A brilliant morning like no other.

It’s a pictorial in written form, something not to be described, only taken in.

Solstice Greetings


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  1. My favorite poem ever since I was a little girl! Did a few essays and exams on it. Ungaretti is a milestone in Italian schools. Glad you posted it and like it as well. Sorry, that is not an Haiku but a one-liner poem. Haiku follow precise rules of syllables distributed on three lines.

    “Infinity lights me up.” It says it all. So deep and beautiful…

    Best to you, happy 2014,


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