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Spirit Animal + Piero Barone

Human + Animal Connection

In the greater order of things, creatures of air, sea and land came before humanity. Each creature is unique and possesses qualities that enable it to live and thrive in its environment. Nature takes care of her offspring. Beyond awareness of function, there is the very human habit of applying meaning and comparison to the activity of creatures. The precious chickadee displays pragmatism, grace and confidence as it goes about the habit of living undaunted by nature. Its spirit is all together swift, cheerful and fearless. The chickadee has an energetic spirit. All living creatures that fly, crawl or walk have an inherent instinctive way of being that takes on a spirit of being.

MacawThe tribal cultures of old and modern times identify with birds or animals as symbols of their spirit. There are ancient petroglyphs in the canyons around Albuquerque, New Mexico that send a message through the centuries, images carved into the rock face of snakes, roadrunners and deer that are preserved and shared for generations to come. That a person may have a recognizable spirit of an animal is a complex part of Native American beliefs. Ponder the legendary Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Black Elk. People of all nations demonstrate a tendency to identify their collective cultural spirit through that of birds or animals. They take pride in being a member of the flock or herd as it may be. Consider the White Eagle of Poland, Vicuña of Peru, Lion of the Netherlands, etc…

So too, the ordinary person may display something in their behavior that suggests something else. They may have a certain look, habit of speech or pattern of dance that directly brings to mind the energy of an animal or bird. Consider all the clichés associated with animals, quiet as a mouse, eager beaver, and lone wolf, this is a natural habit. We are in the order of things and relate to this, it is a natural human behavior. This allows us to identify to a person and explain their higher qualities, the essence of them that sets them apart within the community and explains their inherent spirit.

Spirit Animal + Piero Barone

Recently, a friend mentioned that when she looked at someone, their spirit animal came to mind. She matched the Macaw with Piero Barone of IL Volo. What followers know of Barone is largely drawn from the countless tweets sent to fans, responses and discussions in interviews and his performance on stage. Given the volume of exchanges it would at first glance appear that his initial quality is a love of communication, love of family and love of song.

A Macaw is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. They are large, brilliant birds within the jungle canopy. They are great talkers within their habitat keeping up a chatter that is often termed to be noisome. Physically they have strong feet and a powerful beak. They prefer a steady diet of seeds, nuts and fruit but are omnivores by nature. They are extraordinarily loyal, have a high need for social contact and mate for life. And, naturally feel at home in a flock. It is not uncommon for a bird to live to be 100 years old.  As a spirit animal, Foxfeather R. Ženková describes the macaw as empowering the person with the qualities of “intelligence, beauty, and inventiveness. Loud, self-confident and active, macaws are the symbol of creative intelligence, inspiration, and freedom. Macaw people are often artistic, whether their talent is in visual art, music, or dance.”

Their spirits are: brilliant, complex, intelligent, talker, strong call, loyal, family (clan), strong beak, tropical, beauty and look at me.

PBAnd, Barone? He is well known for his ability to hold the long musical note and go up and down several octaves in a breath. His dramatic voice calls attention to him for its beauty and complexity. His intelligence and quick ability with acquiring new language skills delights fans around the world. In his earlier interviews, he commented on enjoying math and shows himself to be a quick study to an audience. His loyalty to Boschetto and Ginoble, and deep love of family are qualities inborn. Barone is from the Mediterranean island of Sicily with palm trees and an active volcano, it is more than an exotic destination to most. He loves the color red. His nature is affectionate and charming with a look at me personae. Many fans comment on his strut across the stage. He is noted for his confidence on stage and habit of studying the crowd. At times, it appears he is as curious about us as we are about him. He loves his food, especially the Sicilian specialty: frutta del mare. He shows a high need to belong and be remembered. He is clever and often surprises the fans with behaviors, gestures or activities. His solo video of “Where Do I Begin” was unusual in its inventiveness, but Barone was not alone, he formed his own one-man band (flock) to share the moment. One can easily say of Barone, he is never dull. He has a powerful spirited presence and delights countless fans with his higher qualities.



  1. Frances, this is magnificent. I am in awe of how clearly you explain the spirit animal concept and the Macaw connection to Piero. Your knowledge, simple wisdom, and insights are inspiring!

    Thank you so much for your delightful insightful sharing,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway


  2. I am amazed how on point the relationship between the colorful Macaw and Piero is. When I saw the drawing on twitter evolve from black and white to full color, I realize now that this is the evolution of Piero from small town boy with a large voice to the mature, sensitive, social, and accomplished young man we know today. I am intrigued by the idea of everyone having a match to a bird. I wonder what kind I am? It appears that I need to write down all my “qualities” and start comparing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know my sign is Taurus and I do emulate the bull in stubbornness and anger.


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