Luce Stellare ~ Starlight

A Journal reflecting on the softer side of life. A little mystical. Sometimes magical

Baronissimo: Live Free Be Free (Vive Libera Sii Libera)

PBPiero is a kettle of popping corn brimming over delicious with butter and a sprinkle of cayenne. Alla salute! Piero is the pop of the champagne cork, a double dip of spicy mustard, a bowl of icky sicky sushi and the apple of Maria Grazia’s eye. Mia carissima sorellina!

Piero is silky and mysterious, born under a crescent strawberry moon. A Thursday’s child and still has far to go. He is all handsome with hair raven’s wing black; all svelte and sexy. So quick with a wink and whistle to the parade of ingénue. Che un civettuolo!

Piero of stage is air guitar and drum, rowdy and ready to dazzle. He is all fluff and fuss. All gentle and sweet with i bambini. But all that nimble and quick becomes somber and brilliant in song. He is all honey and heart. A dolphin wheeling awave the sea: Vive libera; Sii libera

The Piero of song is at once tenderness, blessedness and poise. His voice swells as the choral of a great song bird soaring up the canyon filling the walls well enough to reach the Aeolian Islands off the shores of his beloved Sicily. He is the zephyr wind, the messenger from another age, the beauty of the Great Song born from the dust where the goddess once did play. Don’t they pause when they hear him ring out Non Puede Ser.

He is old; he is new. He is love. He is true. Adoro te! Il mio piccioncino!




  1. You too have captured the essence of Piero. Your writing is superb as is your eye and the ability to take what you see and translate it into what it represents. Thank you


  2. Suzanne Smartt

    That was beautiful Ann. We all feel an exceptional fondness, appreciation, and respect for these young men….. It’s not easy for a lot of people to put it on paper…..Thank you.


  3. How poetic this description of Piero Barone is! Very sweet!


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