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Il Volo Christmas Special – December 2013 Boston MA

Luce Stellare

December 2, 2013  Boston MA area fans enjoyed the appearance of Il Volo (IV) in the Bay State. The local PBS affiliate, WGBH Boston aired the Buon Natale: Christmas Special as part of the December fund drive for membership and support of the Public Broadcast Service.

Piero Barone tweeted out their departure to Boston and Gianluca their arrival. Local fans were caught by surprise to learn of a Meet and Greet event held at the Westin Hotel which may or may not have been a private function. Tickets were required to attend and the late publicity created a moment of confusion for area fans.

IV did appear in studio during the fund raising viewing of the Christmas Special at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 2. The Christmas Special was the third concert filmed exclusively for PBS and available for purchase in the USA. The hostess, Lo Hartnett, is an unabashed IV fan and was also the hostess during the fund raising viewing in June 2012 of Il Volo Concert from the Detroit Opera House. The camaraderie between “I raggazzi” and Lo helped foster a warm and relaxed interaction between herself and the viewing audience. Piero took the lead in conversation and displayed his bright, affectionate personality openly thanking God for IV and the swift road to success as recording and performance artists. Piero is notable for always wearing the cross at his neck resting just on his voice box, clearly he believes Grace sings through him with every note.

The Christmas Special is delightful and pure IV magic. Piero was brilliant in his cardinal red jacket. Gianluca suave and personable in style and voice. Ignazio balanced and poised singing his personal best. There an A  Capella of Blue Christmas sung originally by Elvis Presley. This moment alone is worth the price of the DVD. Ave Maria also stands out with its plaintive cadenced melody akin to the resting state of the beating heart. Even my calico house cat that generally lives in a very self-involved world, joined the chorus and began to meow repeatedly during this performance. This recalls the legend from the Bible of animals being able to speak on Christmas Eve. In studio and on DVD, IV did raise the Spirit of Christmas and reminded us all this is a sacred event on the Christian calendar.

Piero Barone, Gianluca Ginoble and Ignazio Boschetto are stars on the rise. We have to speculate on where their careers are bound. Piero openly professed his love of opera and desires to one day perform in it. Gianluca is dreadfully homesick and needs to find balance between the demands of a public career and the need for a private life. Ignazio is open to whatever comes finding harmony in his elfin foxy way. We shall see what destiny has planned.


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